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This is a scripted road vehicle designed after the typical van from the 90s, and aimed towards roleplay city, cargo hauling, and track use

Haul your cargo in comfort! The Wedge Vanish is a reliable, powerful vehicle, that will carry all your things across the whole country, far and wide. With a powerful V8 engine, you have all the power you need to move all that fits it, to great distances! Very useful for cargo deliveries, it can also be refitted to any other purposes you like!

HD Screenshots here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xrc9qo6oq918nko/AAA48N2sWfaCgGFtdiANutqZa?dl=0

For best viewing quality, you need to have Advanced Lighting Enabled to see the Materials textures as shown on the screenshots!

W/S or ↑/↓ : Gas Pedal / Brake Pedal
A/D or ←/→ : Turn steering wheel
E/C or PgUp/PgDwn : Change Gear

Controlling the car

This car uses a realistic 5 speed automatic transmission. Unlike most SL cars, the gears have ratios.
You can pick manual as an option, for manual gearbox heres a description: Start off in first gear, or you'll have a hard time getting on your way. Keep an eye on the tachometer until you get the hang of listening to the engine. Practice will tell you when the best place to shift gears is. If you're about to turn around a corner, it can be helpful to downshift. Watch the revs though! Make sure the rpms are low enough to shift into a lower gear

Steering is realistic as well, and again, may take some practice to get used to. Not much though! You'll be slingin around the corners with the best of em!

Hold down both gear changing keys to put gear back to zero/neutral right away
Hold Down both steering keys to flip vehicle if upside down


-Realistic Active Suspension

Guess what? This car has a working suspension! this means handling will be effected by the quality and surface of the road (or whatever it is you're driving on).

-Dynawheels support

The car has Dynawheels support, which enables different driving surfaces by describing or naming the driving surface prims to one of the following keywords


Each of these provide different driving experience and handling
You can put any of these into parcel description between two * to set the terrain's material (default: dirt) example: *snow*

Damage System

This car has a system for various components to get damaged and worn by use (or abuse)

Radiator damage:
Caused by overheating the engine, or running the engine on hot temperatures consistently
Heat generated by engine's RPM, higher it is, more heat there is

Engine Block damage:
Caused by over revving the car, or running the car on high RPMs consistently
Damaged engine block will reduce the power of the car, generate more heat, and consume more fuel
Severely damaged engine block will often stall

Seat Adjustment

Any seating position can be adjusted by chatting simple commands on channel 1
Like axis name after that a comma and the offset value
an example for lowering seat position by 0.05 meters
/1 z,-0.05
Takes a bit to get used to, but it is a very quick way of adjusting seat without clumsy dialogs.

General Interactivity

Click the doors to open or close them (Access level regulated feature, or the person sitting in the according seat)
Click the hood (bonnet) to open or close it (Access level regulated feature)
Click the side door, and the rear doors to open or close them (Access level regulated feature)
While sitting in the according seat, click and hold the window buttons on the door to roll the windows up or down.
Driver can roll down or up both side windows
Click the engine starter key to toggle the engine (Driver only)
Click the Lights button on the dashboard to cycle between: Lights on, Brights on, Lights off (Driver only)
Click the Windshield wipers button on the dashboard to toggle the windshield wipers (Driver only)
Click the top or bottom of the turn signal lever to toggle the turn signal, up is right, down is left (Driver only)
Click the Visors above the windscreen to toggle them (Driver only)
Click the audio player to access it's menu (only for when sitting in front seat)

Additional notes

From the audio player menu, you can load music notecards and play your own custom music even!

The car is fully modifyable (except scripts), you can create your own modkits and paintjobs for the vehicle!
The vehicle is NOT resize friendly

Additional Features
3 access levels owner, group, everyone
Projector Headlights
GFS Fuel compatibility
Changable license plates
Adjustable steering rate

See item in Second Life ®



  • Materials Enabled
  • Easily Modified
  • 26 Exterior and 8 interior paintjobs
  • PSD Files for custom paintjob making included
  • Realistic sounds

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Posted March 25, 2018 by sergioflybikes 5 stars

Doesn't feel like second life at all, super good scripts and mechanics. You feel the suspension. And on top of it, its MOD!

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If you're into...

Posted March 10, 2018 by Christi Charron 5 stars

Mouselook driving and clicking
Working suspension
Options so neat I don't want to spoil them for you by telling you about hem here...

Then this van is for you, for sure. This is one of the most talented vehicle creators on SL and this van is going to make that even more apparent to all I think.

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