Alyssa Security Orb v3.5 Full Perm Version 3.5

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This is the Alyssa Security Orb
Version 3.5 - Added option to toggle hover text, Optimized timer function for faster run time and memory saving.
Version 3.4 - Added option to change eject type from teleport home to remove from parcel this is in settings menu, fixed group access bug and and bug related to deed object to group, rewrote menu handling and listen handling, Optimized script run time.
Version 3.0 - Removed OnList function for lsl new llListFindList function saving 1kb of memory and resulting in faster run time. Replaced all llSay functions with llRegionSayTo. Listen channels have also been randomized on object rez.
Version 2.7 - Combined functions for list handling, cleaned up listen, cleaned up to use less memory.
Version 2.6 - Fixed a bug with range settings.
Version 2.4 - Small change to code using llSetColor instead of llSetPrimParams for color change. Added more information to menu.
Version 2.3 - Replaced texture with smaller single texture and add prim color change to save memory.
Version 2.2 - Fixed text updating bug, fixed group deeding bug.
Version 2.1 - Improved menu, Added avatar kick to menu, Removed note card set up.
Version 1.6 - Added settings for eject warning time, Improved menu set up and improved name adding.
Version 1.5 - Lower script memory and add range limit to include visitors list.

This orb is a full featured security orb comparable to any other on the market place today.

Its key features include:

* Full permission both object and script.

* Low Script use time (0.004-0.008ms average measured on a home stead region)

* Easy to use menu management for the orb.

* Enough Free memory to store over 1200 names!

Other features include:

* White List

* Black List

* Admin List

* Visitor List

* Ejected List

* Kick avatars from parcel by entering there name in menu.

* Range Settings 1 meter to full sim or parcel.

* Set warning delay before kicking avatars in settings. By Default a 10 second warning time is given to avatars so they can leave befor being ejected.

* Group (avatars in same group as object will not be ejected orb must be in active mode)

* Active Mode (will eject all avatars that are not on white list and admin list)

* Passive Mode (will only eject avatars on black list)

* Eject type either teleport home or move off parcel

* Option to toggle hover text over object

* Memory Management to prevent the script from crashing due to memory limit should it ever be reached.

This orb is ideal for
Parcels, Full Sims, Linden Homes, Clubs, Stores, Every One!

Note: You must own the land or have land rights set in the group once the orb has been deeded for this to work. If you do not own the land,
or have not deeded the object to the group. if the parcel is group owned. It will not work. The orb uses the kick option for parcel and requires some basic understanding of second life.


It has come to my attention that several people are reselling this item on the market place.
This is a free item, please do not resell it on the market place for linden.



  • Low Lag
  • Easy to set up
  • All basic security functions
  • Full Permissions!
  • Full Sim Coverage no range limit!

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Great Orb.

Posted July 09, 2021 by akiva32 5 stars

Much better than my other orb i purchased from another store.

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Works great but...

Posted June 28, 2021 by Karly Kiyori 4 stars

...I only wish there was an option to simply eject intruders to the parcel edge, instead of actually sending them home.

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Dawn Pienaar
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Land Required

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

  • 4.78 stars Reviews (93)

  • Permissions:
    Copy Modify Transfer User Licensed
  • Automatic redelivery
  • Land Impact: 1