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Have you been looking for an auction system that is easy to use and works for anything? This HUD operated auction system is completely configurable, allows manager control and makes bidding a breeze. Enjoy the simplicity of running an auction, while your patrons reap the benefits and have a little fun using it! This system allows multiple auctions to run on the same sim by using different communication channels. That means each system can also have its own Managers and/or disbursement of Commissions through profit splitting.

The active box lights up, making it easy for bidders to spot, place their bid on and make sales happen! The current bidder and bid amount is announced in local chat, and instead of saying/shouting their bid, patrons simply touch the box to bid on an item. No more worrying about chat lag or being out of chat range! Speed up auctions by using the optional timer, giving each stall a limited amount of time to be bid on. More time is added with each bid, giving just enough time for those impulse buys. ;)

This system allows the renter of the box to lower their opening bid ONCE while being auctioned (as long as there are no bids AND the option is permitted, of course). They can change their opening bid as many times as they want before their item is up for auction. Need to reserve a space for someone? No problem! Type the avatar’s name or uuid into a textbox and only they will be allowed to rent that Auction Box.



===== FEATURES =====

⇢ Low lag, easy to use, and HUD operated!
⇢ Transfer the HUD to each manager on your manager lists
⇢ Ability to restrict manager access by setting next owner permissions
⇢ Optionally split rental proceeds with other avatars.
⇢ Infinite amount of stalls can be used with this elaborate system
⇢ Customizable frame color and glow brightness when active
⇢ Set the minimum starting bid per stall
⇢ Next bid is automatically increased by the amount you specify
⇢ Optional time settings gives patrons only a limited time to cast bids
⇢ If using the optional timer, each bid will add more time to the countdown up to your max allowed time.
⇢ Multiple bid modes allows a user to simply click the box to bid, type their bid in local chat, or BOTH!
⇢ You can also add your own custom call messages directly to the Auction HUD!
⇢ Call options contain wildcards for printing out real data! (Example: We have a SNIPER! Lastat Daxter is now the highest bidder at $1000L!)
⇢ Ability to open, close, or reset all boxes at once OR individually
⇢ Set a box to be reserved for a specific avatar
⇢ Kick an avatar with or without refund
⇢ Pause a box at any time and start it when ready
⇢ 4 different volume options - Off, Whisper, Say, and Shout
⇢ Toggle rental notifications on or off
⇢ Toggle the hovertext on or off
⇢ Configurable communication channel allows you to run as many auctions on a sim as you need
⇢ Easily edit an auction's managers via one notecard (removal renders their hud useless)
⇢ Comes with an optional display board to display an items stats from notecard


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** If you have questions or need assistance, contact Lastat Daxter. If you've purchased this item, please review it **



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Never again

Posted February 21, 2018 by Effan 1 star

The product received was NOT made by Lestat. I posted a bad review. He contacted me, I pulled the review and sent him a notecard detailing what happened. Never heard back. $L800 wasted, and I'll NEVER buy from Lestat again. I do NOT need "Who gives a damn, but make me look good" customer disservice!!!!!

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Best auction system but ...

Posted May 14, 2016 by Alyssa Quicksand 3 stars

This is the best auction system available, by far, however it is LOADED with bugs, the main one is updating the boxes .. all it does is remove the script from them leaving them useless! I have over 13 boxes not i have to redo because of this! Meaning i have to recode each panel, retexture each panel, rename each panel all because this 'update' function seems to have ZERO use other then to eff up ones day! I also have four new boxes I've put out, that will not connect with the server (which is what i thought the update feature was for) ... now my auction house is offline, i cannot hold ANY auctions until this is addressed!! Thank you for this!!!! <--sarcasm

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