*BREACH* M107 Sniper Rifle Version 1.4.1

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Sniper rifle, roleplay support, firing fx, reloads, animations, multiple anti-shield pellet types and scripted holster.

This product requires a mesh compatible viewer. If you are not using a compatible viewer this product will not display properly to you. A sculpted version of this product is also included in the box, the "M107CQ". The "M107CQ" has slightly different cosmetic options and appearance but identical shooting characteristics and features.

- This item is sold copy/no mod/no transfer. With purchase of this item you are also buying a right to all future updates.
- We do not offer refunds on this item as it cannot be returned.
- This product will recieve updates for at least 1-2 years after release. We normally support for 3-4 years.
- We do not transfer items to other accounts or alts.
* This item has an automatic updater built in *

In The Box:
| 1 x M107A1 (COPY)
| 1 x M107A1 Holster (COPY)
| 1 x M107A1 Scope HUD (COPY)
| 1 x Tiger Hud (COPY)
| 1 x Sculpt M107CQ Box (COPY)


100% Mesh
Fire modes: Semi-automatic
Magazine capacity: 10
Included colours: Five full body + magazine colours
Holster type: Back (No straps)
Dual wield: No
Push: Two levels (Note: No push restrict defeat)
Raycast support

Script count: 7
Memory usage: 448KB

Script count: 1
Memory usage: 64KB

* Sand
* Black
* Grey
* Desert
* Urban

Standard Breach Features:
Custom animations
Infinite ammo mode
Holstered weapon
Shell casings
Firing FX
Impact FX
Dialog menus
Chat controls
Targetting HUD

Automatic update system
Updates are automatically delivered to you when released.

// Roleplay //

Breach supports the CCS combat system but our weapons should function in nearly all combat systems, so long as they accept standard bullet collisions. We have a special roleplay mode to remove features that are normally illegal in RP sims. Please make sure our weapons are allowed where you want to roleplay before purchase.

- No hits within 1M range in raycast mode to reflect size of weapon. Physical bullets unchanged.
- 10M range before % damage or stamina is applied on all ammo types, inside this range only flat damage/stamina drain values are used. Explosive does not splash damage within 10M. Applies to both physical and raycast mode.

- 70 LIFE, 5% LIFE, 2% MELE damage
* Hollowpoint
- 60 LIFE, 2% LIFE damage, 20 STAMINA, 2% STAMINA loss to target.
* Rubber
- 50 LIFE, 25 STAMINA, 4% STAMINA loss to target.
* Explosive
- 50 LIFE, 4% LIFE to all avatars within 4M, additional 30 LIFE to a direct hit.

// Combat //

Combat Settings

Settings define the effects of the bullet on avatars. Settings can overlap and be used in addition to each other, although some effects will override other settings there are no side effects even if all settings are enabled at once.

Push - Physical push on an avatar, only works in areas that are not push restricted.
Phantom - Bullet turns volume detect, will only collide with avs.
Non Phys - Rezzes a non physical tracker that follows after each projectile, strong against shields.
Scanner - Non physical high speed scanning bullet. 96M range.
Direct - Damage is a direct property of the bullet rather than delivered through a kill prim.

Warhead Types

Warheads define the behaviour of the bullet on collision. The warheads can let you hit targets behind walls, use splash damage etc... Only one warhead can be set at a time.

Standard - Regular bullets.
Explosive - Bullet explodes on impact doing splash damage in a 1M radius.
HE Cutter - Detonates on impact, fan shaped 4M kill zone behind point of impact.
Incendiary - Ignites target on impact. No splash damage.
Armor Piercing - Penetrates first object hit.

See item in Second Life ®



  • Amazingly detailed mesh model with high resolution texturing and proper LODs.
  • Full combat and roleplay capabilities.
  • Extensive animations for standing, kneeling and prone movement.
  • Original mesh, textures, animations, scripts and FX made for Second Life.
  • Scales between 50% and 500% size.

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This gun is fantastic.

Posted April 03, 2020 by rtd144 5 stars

Immersive animations, color options for the rifle as well as the HUD target. Mouselook puts you in a scope-view which is pretty cool, the scope HUD looks good too. Very easy to use rifle. If you don't like the animations, you can turn them off. Toggle-able scope, bipod, and silencer. Raycast capabilities, toggle-able bullet casing and magazine drops for firing and reloading, respectively. The animations that let you go back and forth from prone, kneeling, and standing are very smooth and look great. I'm having tons of fun with this rifle, and I haven't even used it in RP yet. My one complaint is that you can't resize the gun to fit a smaller avatar, or adjust the gun-hold animation to suit your avatar, there's only one hold animation for each pose. Despite the minor flaws with those, I don't regret buying this at all.

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Me Likey

Posted March 10, 2019 by Mero Collas 5 stars

AO is nice, the prone system is top notch and I'm not finding much to complain about so far.

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This item requires you to find a place in Second Life (like a Sandbox) to unpack and use it.

This item contains wearable items for your avatar.

  • 4.8 stars Reviews (10)

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  • Land Impact: 56
  • Mesh: 100% Mesh