Couples Animated Chart Planning Table w/ Automated Map Version 5.9.2

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★ Includes Second Earth Automated Map. See Related Items below.

★ New: Drop push pins & draw lines on the chart. Useful for flight, sailing & battle planning.

Are you still hand making your maps using screen captures or in-world pictures of the Interface and an image manipulation application on your PC, then paying to upload?! Things change quickly in SL (e.g airports coming and going) and your maps soon become out of date. Remaking them is a significant effort.

Second Earth Map™ automates this process for you allowing you to update your map with a simple press of the Refresh button.

And because it comes with our Couples Animated Planning Table it makes a great furnishing for flight planning, sail routing, battle strategies & more.

Your map can be created 3 different ways, by specifying the Region name, by standing at the center of the area you'd like to map, or by dropping in a notecard of the regions you want displayed.

Supply your own detailed photographs for specific regions of interest in order to add detail when using the expanded map. (see Double-click under Operation, below).

Color tinting by region name allows you to show your land holdings, your community, military, commercial & private airports, marinas, or anything you choose.

★ You'll need 20 additional prims if you choose to rez the *complete* set of *optional* props.

█ The Table:

● Ten (10) Quality Long Loop Animations: Six (6) single & four (4) couples

● Auto-Rezzing Planning Tools (e.g. colored pencils, dividers, parallel ruler, the "Bowditch" reference, etc.).
○ Just touch the tools to pick them up off the table & hold them.

█ Obtaining a Menu:

● Obtain a menu by touching the back of the map or by long-touching the face of the map.

✔ Note: Long-touch by pressing the left mouse key down over the map and holding it down for 3 or more seconds before releasing.

■ The Owners Menu:

○ Map region: Allows you to specify the Northwest region of the 8 x 8 region (64 region) map. The mapping operation proceeds automatically.

You may also specify the X, Y location on the map to place the Region. The default location is the Northwest corner.

○ Map position: Allows you to specify the center of the area to be mapped from where you are currently standing. The mapping of the 64 region (8 x 8 region) map proceeds automatically.

○ Map notecard: Prepares the Map to receive a new Map Notecard. Follow the directions given in chat to "Inventory Drop" your notecard into the map. Mapping by notecard is useful for when the upper left corner or the center of your desired mapping area does not have a region. Mapping by notecard also allows you to subdivide the map array into multiple smaller maps (e.g. four 4 x 4, two 4 x 8, or two 8 x 4).

○ Tint regions: Allows for the color tinting of regions. This is provided for the Owner to use for their own purposes. Tinting regions is useful for defining usage or boundaries. It is totally up to you how you'd like to implement this feature.

✔ Note: Tinting is retained on Refresh.

○ Clear tinting: Clears all Region tinting.

○ Set texture: Allows for alternate textures to be used for specified regions. Useful for Region owners, flight planning, battle tactics or just because you want your home region to look better on the map. When you double-click to get the large expanded region map you see all the detail of your alternate image.

✔ Note: Alternate textures are retained on Refresh.

○ No textures: Removes the alternate textures, replacing them with the standard resolution map image.

○ Refresh: Redraws the map using the latest available images; while retaining tinting and alternate textures.

○ Resize: Provides the Resizing menu.

○ Get help: Delivers the Help Notecard, your most recent Map Notecard and other important information.

■ The Guest Menu:

○ Get help: Delivers the Help Notecard and other important information. (Guests can participate in the planning sessions by drawing and dropping pins on the map.)

█ Operation:

● Touching a Region on the map will chat the Region Name.

● Touch and drag your mouse to drop a pin or draw lines for flight planning, sail routing, battle strategies, etc.

✔ Note: The drawing feature is implemented as an "interactive" planning tool. The lines and pins are not permanently rendered.

● Double-click a Region on the map to enlarge that region to cover the entire 8 x 8 grid map. This allows detailed region-specific planning operations.

✔ Note: Double-click the enlarged detail map to dismiss it.

● Automated Map Naming
○ Mapping by Notecard
The map will display the name of the Map Notecard in floating text that hovers near the top of the map.

○ Mapping by region name or by your position
The map name will be created by using the name of the first non-empty northwest and the last non-empty southeast region names.

Download instructions See item in Second Life ®



  • Three (3) Methods of Automated Map Generation
  • Single and Couples Animated Planning Table with ten (10) long loop animations
  • 8 x 8 regions, 64 regions mapped or 8 x 16, 128 regions mapped.
  • Drop pins & draw on the map, region tinting, optional user supplied images.
  • Owner, Group, All Security Menu & Resize Menu & Lifetime Free Updates

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Posted September 03, 2016 by Lilith Amorosi 5 stars

On rare occasions I find something that really astonishes me. Like this table which can be used at many different levels. A must have. The creator is a very friendly and helpfull person.

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Perfect for the pilot or sailor

Posted November 27, 2015 by Cornelius Fanshaw 5 stars

The map part of the planning table is a wonderfully useful tool in it own right. You can set it to display any area of the grid, what makes it stand out is the ability to zoom in on a particular area for closer scrutiny. When you couple this with the ability to actually plot courses and mark areas in real time, you have a wonderful aid for demonstrating routes and areas of interest to other people.
That is just the map... the actual table is particularly well made and contains thoughtfully placed single and couples animations to help bring the whole thing to life. This table would look good in any period build, particularly one of a nautical or aviation theme.
I should add that the map and table can be used independently of each other.

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