Eclectica Curiosities-Gothic Lighting Set

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....Hello and thanks for being a customer, as I appreciate the support for what I do, and love knowing that my creations are being used.

There are a few things you will need to know to get the most from your purchase.

All pieces I make are copyable and modifiable. Please make a backup of any piece before you modify it.

This pack includes 5 gothic styled lamps, which you can place around your home or garden. They are very inspired by architectural gothic forms, and wrought iron. They should help to create a moody gothic atmosphere wherever they are placed.

Yes you can resize the lamps using the edit menu. Land impact will change with resizing.
You can tint the surfaces, and tweak the transparency of the glass.

The glass sections in each lamp (the child prim named "glass") emits gentle particles to create a gassy glow. The script to do this has been left as full permissions, so you are able to change this to your liking. This prim also emits light, and you may also edit these parameters. Use "Edit linked" to access this prim.

I have included a set of lamps edited for Halloween. They emit a golden orange hue, with matching particles.

Details for each of the lamps are-

Eclectica Curiosities- Gothic Chandelier-
Land impact = 3 as shipped.
Size = .855m diameter.
This can be adjusted to fit any height ceiling. The steps to do this are-
-Place the chandelier so that its main body is where you would like it
- Edit linked parts to select the piece at the top named "ceiling mount" and drag it up or down until it sits neatly against the ceiling.
- Edit linked parts to select the piece just below that named "chandelier hangy thing". this is a thin prim that you can stretch to any length needed. Stretch it along the Z axis to join the chandelier to the ceiling mount. You may want to turn off "stretch both sides" for this.

Eclectica Curiosities- Gothic Wall Light-
Land impact = 1 as shipped.
Size = .82m tall.
Pop this outside on a wall, or inside if you like. Looks great lining a crypt wall. Tuck the iron mount into the wall if it clashes with the parlour wallpaper.

Eclectica Curiosities- Gothic Table Lamp-
Land impact = 1 as shipped.
Size = .95m tall.
A lamp for the tea or bedside table. Can also brave the weather outside, if you would like to mount it on a stone pillar,

Eclectica Curiosities- Gothic Floor Lamp-
Land impact = 3 as shipped.
Size = 1.6m tall.
A lamp for lighting any dark corner of the reception rooms, or for the reading corner.

Eclectica Curiosities- Gothic Streetlight-
Land impact = 5 as shipped.
Size = 2.4m tall.
Line the coach drive with a row of these.

You may see examples at the Eclectica Mainstore, Sinaburoe. If you need assistance, please contact me (Tiffy Vella) via IM, as I may be able to help you even when not inworld.

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  • Original mesh.
  • Copy & modifiable.
  • Editable particle glow effect.
  • Editable light parameters.
  • Beautifully textured.

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