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Rezzer and packaging are no transfer.

Building system based on fitting complete rooms together. 870 parts in total.
Allows very fast building construction and texturing. Low Land Impact.
(Video link below)

This is a more complex building system and it is important to understand its principles and approach. Following the step by step Training guide to get acquainted with the system is a must. (Outlined at Manual and Videos)
Some basic knowledge of Second Life building is required.

As building takes place with pre-made rooms with fixed portals and windows, there are certain limitations. If you are looking for a system to build freely and fully creative please see our Walls A building system.
But if you want to have a complete building done in a just couple of hours, if you want to be able to retexture and change rooms easily, or if you need to set up an entire village.. this is the right product.

Texturing has never been more easy. All the walls on a part share the same face and repeats are preset.
Drop your seamless texture on a wall-side and the whole room will be textured at once. The texture will appear without any stretching, repeated according the room size. Similar with the floors.

The system is designed to be assembled using Snap to Grid. All parts snap to a 0.5m Grid.

The system is explicit made for applying seamless textures directly inworld.
It is not possible to create specific textures for it with an external editor.
There are no UV or AO maps included. (Except Portal Frames and Windows AO and SPEC maps)


The system uses a Rezzer to access parts, overview images, and the manual.


Each part in the set consists of a certain amount of 'Blocks'. (1 Block is 4m x4m)
The parts connect by portals. A huge amount of portal position possibilities have been included to allow puzzling the parts together.
Most parts have several versions with windows. These come as 1, 2 or 3 adjacent windows, or 1 large window.

The basic height of a wall is 4m. 'Heighten' parts going from 1 up to 4m allow to create higher ceilings.

Available Room sizes by amount of Blocks :
1x1 / 1x2 / 2x2 / 2x3 / 3x3 / 3x4 / 3x5 / 4x4 / 4x5 / 4x6

Corridors are build with 1 and 2-Block Corridor parts.

Other parts included :
Exterior Portals, Exterior Walls, Stairwells, Portal Frames, and Windows A1.

Land Impact
From 0.5 up to 9 for the largest and most complex parts.

Portal positions :
Corridors - All portal amounts and combinations covered
Rooms up to 3x3 Blocks - All possible positions of 1 and 2 portals covered.
Larger Rooms (3x4 and above) have a limited amount of possibilities covered.

Remarks :

- This is a standalone system and not related to the ZimberLab Walls A Building System.
However the Walls A parts can be used within its buildings.
Interior use: parts fit directly
Exterior use: parts needs resizing in height by 10cm

- Window openings are not physical, it is not possible for an avatar to pass through them.

- The Rezzer is no transfer, all content comes with full permissions.

- All our products are designed for regular texture mapping. Planar mapping may not render correctly on certain parts (BUG-4066).


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This item is intended to be a component for use in your own creations.
In no way this item may be redistributed with full permissions.
Please read and respect our terms of use below.


By purchasing this product you agree to the following terms :

You are allowed to:

- Modify and use this product as a part of your own creations and sell them with no copy OR no transfer permissions.

You are not allowed to:

- Distribute this product with both copy and transfer permissions.
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great product , AMAZING customer support

Posted June 04, 2019 by Yes Voom 5 stars

This is a updated review, due to amazing customer support
This is one of those rare creators that really appreciates your input and will be in touch asap
in my previous review I wrote
"the size of platforms , you can rez platforms to build on, note that the smallest platform is a
1024 , that is the smallest you can rez from this rezzer ,i was disappointed in that as it seems
this rezzer is build for mainly huge builds oddly enough eventho the rezzer and platfoms make it feel like it is only for huge builds, the walls are about as thick as the wall of a common shed , I would have loved for the walls to feel a bit more solid. and not this thin, but that is just a personal preference "
The creator contacted me inworld when he had read this, thanking me for my review and even saying he will add smaller ones in future updates (oh yay! we get to look forward to an update) thank you again Doctor Zimberman

Yes it is handy to work with, it does enable you to speed build once you understand how it works and how each building block is setup,it is great that there are windows and doorways in the pack
Worth 3799L$=11.89EUR = 13.38 USD I would say YES! absolutely! worth every cent,
if you want to build a mesh building and you can not create meshes , this is the BEST tool money could buy ,it enables full creativity
many options for rooms/hallways/windows

and if you have ANY issue, this is the creator you can actually talk to and you will be contacted asap ,so your money is not gone , you will get support so you can carry on again
Prior to my purchase I had contacted Doctor Zimberman inworld to ask about the licencing
he replied promptly and answered all my questions , friendly and patient ! and even open to suggestions , I could not be happier

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!!First class Item with very good customer support !!

Posted November 01, 2018 by SkaHero 5 stars

The quality of the mesh is outstanding. Putting it all together might at first look daunting but with very good instructions and a very good step by step video you can't go wrong. FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS IS A MUST !!!!
For me this is the way forward for building houses.

One thing I would advise if like me you struggle using the snap to grid then look up D%D Snap to grid and in every part put in Keep to snap. It made it a bit easier for me anyway.

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