Networked Staff Paging System (NSPS) Version 1.4.7

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General Description
The Networked Staff Paging System (NSPS) consists of a central server and any number remote objects (e.g. help request buttons or visitor detectors) located anywhere grid wide. When a user touches a remote help request button, or a new visitor is detected by a visitor detector, a message is sent to the server which, in turn, sends a notification IM (page) to staff members with information about the user or new visitor. The list of staff members is defined by a notecard in the server, so it is not necessary to change any remote objects to change the staff member list. The format and content of the IM sent to staff members are totally customizable by the server owner. It can have clickable links that enable the staff members to respond quickly. This includes links to open the user's profile, open an avatar-to-avatar IM session with the user, teleport to the remote object's or new visitor's location, open a map window showing the originating location, and/or open an IM session in the staff's group to coordinate a response. You can also allow (or not allow) users to compose and send an IM to staff members.

Staff HUD: The NSPS includes a copyable/transferable Staff HUD that can be given to staff members. When a staff member is wearing the HUD anywhere grid-wide, it provides an audible/visual alert when a message is sent to the staff member. The HUD stores incoming messages and when touched, will display them to the HUD owner in private chat. When a staff member is wearing the HUD, incoming messages will not appear in their nearby chat. When the HUD is detached, new messages will appear in their nearby chat. When staff members are offline, messages will be forwarded to their email if they have enabled that option in their SL account and the server owner has set SendOfflineIM=YES on the Server Config notecard.

NOTE: IMs sent to staff members will appear in their local chat but are private (only be seen by the recipient). IMs from objects do not appear in separate IM session popups. The color of the IM text in local chat will usually be different from other local chat, etc., depending on the viewer's chat color preference settings.

The NSPS can be customized for your application via the NSPS Server Config notecard. Main options include the following:

- Totally customizable format and content of help request, new visitor, and staff visitor notification IMs sent to staff members.
- Send notification IMs only to staff member who are online, or to all staff members regardless of online/offlline status.
- Enable or disable user popup to compose and send staff members an IM.
- Ban a list of avatars from triggering staff IMs.
- Option to include a link in staff notification IMs to open an IM session with the staff group.
- Set an anti-spam time limit for how often users can touch a remote help button.
- Server option to specify a texture to be applied to all help button remotes when at least one staff member is online.
- Server option to specify a texture to be applied to all help button remotes when no staff members are online.
- Specify how often a remote device will request an update from the server if it has not been touched by or detected a user.
- Specify the time that a visitor can be absent from the parcel then return and not trigger another new visitor message.
- Enable/disable sending staff notification IMs when a staff member is detected by a visitor detector.
- Set the monitored area and detection range limit in visitor detectors.
- Turn the server's floating text on or off.

The server object permissions are mod, copy, no-transfer. The server scripts are no-mod, copy, no-transfer.
The remote help button and visitor detector object permissions are mod, copy, transfer. Their scripts are no-mod, copy, transfer
This allows the system owner to optionally transfer remotes to other avatars for locations where the server owner does not have rez rights.
It is highly recommended, however, that the system owner set the next owner permissions for remote objects and their scripts to no-mod and either no-copy or no-transfer.

The Staff HUD is full perm and its scripts are no-mod, copy, transfer.
Prior to transferring the Staff HUD, the NSPS Server owner MUST set the next owner permissions for the HUD object and its scripts to no-mody, copy, no-transfer.

NOTE: The server and remote objects are single prims. They are modifiable so you can rename them, resize them and/or re-texture them. You can also copy the scripts and notecards into objects of your own design. Just make sure they are in the root prim.

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  • Enables customers to page your entire staff
  • Paging buttons or visitor detectors can be anywhere grid wide
  • Staff list and remote button textures maintained in central server
  • Single prim server and remote buttons
  • Includes copy/transfer staff member HUD

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