OnP HUD Hair Color Changer and Object Color Changer

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OnP HUD for Hair Color or Object Color

NOTE: This HUD will only work on hair or objects where you have copy and modify privileges, and that have a texture somewhat light on color. More on this.

Even though this can only be used on certain hair, we love it. We have used it to make small corrections on a hair that just did not seem right, into making it something we liked .. without spending more money. And in some cases where the hair texture is very light such as white or platinum blonde, we sometimes make a number of shades of hair that we like perhaps even including pink hair ... for just the right party. Our main need is that we never seem to be sure exactly what color hair we want, and how bright, until we play with it a bit.

You should have COPY privileges and always only use this on a hair or object copy. That way if something goes wrong, you still have the original item safe and sound. And of course for it to modify hair color or object color, you need to have MODIFY privileges. Modify is a little bit more complex since in the case of hair, the hair itself may be modified at times but it contains software inside that cannot be modified ... as is normal with software. And so sometimes when hair says it cannot be modified, sometimes it means it, and sometimes it is just referring to the software inside that is perhaps used for resizing, but the hair itself can be modified. If you are handy, you can find out which is which. And yes we understand that it can be confusing ... even to us.

As for lighter in color ... yes. A color added will just add color to whatever color the texture for the hair already has. If the hair is light in color such as white or platinum blond then color changes will show if the hair can be modified. Some other blond and other colors also might accept some color change. Of course black hair cannot be color modified at all since color change can only darken colors.

TEXTURE CONCERN - Some prim hair, that you might also call flexi hair to distinguish it from mesh hair, can have extreme textures that are quite good. A blond hair texture for example might mix some color extremes such as white, gold, light gold, darker blond, and darker colors to make a pretty and a realistic hair texture. Of course if the texture is extreme and beautiful, adding color might dull the texture color extremes and make it less pleasing. How do we deal with such a thing? If texturing is extreme and well done, we would only change the color slightly.

Will this work on Mesh Hair or Mesh Objects? - Basically this software does not care what the object is ... prim hair, flexi hair, mesh, objects, or sculptured prims. It just treats the item as an object that can be made up of many smaller objects (prims) and then also examines the faces of each of those prims. For that reason, the software can take a number of seconds, usually less than one minute, to complete, since it is examining each object of the hair or item separately to handle it the best. But the real issue that we find with many mesh products, clothes, or hair or other, is that often they do not allow modify. And to be sure, the mesh hair that we bought to test this software on, was all non modify. So the issue is not mesh directly, but that many mesh suppliers do not allow modify. However, we find many people who sell prim flexi hair do.

Two parts: (1) software we give you to put into the edited "contents" section of the hair. Just one software item needed in the main prim, main object of the hair. and (2) the HUD itself that you double click after installing the software.

Note that the HUD has 32 buttons. 16 of those we use for preset needs and 16 are colors you can select your own preferences on - by listing them on the notecard that goes inside of the HUD.

16 preset buttons we use - include 13 preset colors and also 3 functions. The first function at the far top left turns the color white to return to the original hair texture of the hair ... if you wish. You need not do this between color choices since all colors are added new. The two last buttons of the 16 are selections for brighter or darker, which are not perfect, but may allow you to adjust a color shade just a bit lighter or darker.

Even though this cannot be used for all hair, we originally did this software for our own usage. And we love it. We have used it for minor hair color corrections, or in some cases to create other colors that give us the equivalent perhaps of more hair shades for the same price. But no, of course, we do not use it on everything. Some hair that has beautiful extreme textures, we would hesitate to use it on. But when useful, we love it. Hope someone else does as well.

Suzie Larsen and Hunter Bronet for OnP Owl and Pussycat
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  • Works on SOME not ALL purchased hair
  • 13 Preset colors available
  • Allows you to set 16 additional colors, change our added 16
  • Allows you to play and try colors to see what you like

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