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It helps you find objects that you believe are missing or invisible or just are around that you cannot find. In this case, you wear this product and move close to where you think the object might be, and then it helps you find it. If the image above wearing this large thing bothers you, ha ha, there is a smaller bracelet item that you could wear if you wish. Why the large item? Convenience. One clicks it to get the menu options back. When looking for items, we ourselves are looking for convenience - something large and obvious we can click.

It is an object finder that you wear and can move with. It is menu driven when you click it, and it will then let you scan for the nearest 15 or 16 items that are closest to you avatar. That much gives the names of the objects. If you want more, then press the "info" menu selection and during the next few seconds the software will poll the SL database for not only the name of the object, but also its location in your sim, plus the name of the creator and name of owner of that object.

WHY ONLY 15 or 16 items?
This is an SL software limitation - that it will only scan and list the 15 or 16 closest items to your avatar and software. However, we ourselves are no longer upset by it since looking for items can be an information "overload". It takes time to poll SL for items and 15 or 16 at one time we believe is enough to research .... and then maybe move to another spot to look for others. It also we think keeps it simple.

96 meters away from where you avatar is. However, it only will find the closest 15 or 16 items at one time. Then to find more, you would move your avatar while wearing it of course.


How to Use? Wear this item, either the large one or the bracelet. Then left click the item for a menu. Stand near where you think you might have lost something or something odd may be. Then click "scan" in the menu to get the SL allowed 15 or 16 closest items (within a 96 m range). You will get the names of the objects near you. If you are fine with the names you are seeing, then you are done for the area. But if one or more concern you, then you next MUST in order press "info" next before other features will work. This will take a few seconds to load depending on the speed of the sim you are at. It is polling SL database for good database information that might be helpful to you After the "info", you now have choices. The info will give you not only the name of the item, but its location, its owner and its creator. More? You can do more things at this point at least the following:


1. Read the coordinates and walk to the object of concern if you wish
2. If the "info" is too much info and you just want locations, , menu choice "dump" will do that
3. Where is this thing? Not sure you want to walk? Send a brightly colored probe to it
4. Since sim speeds for software vary, the probe begins at "slow" speed, but you can menu choose medium or fast
5. Worried about probe litter? They are set to die 15 seconds after reaching their destination - even sooner perhaps if you choose medium or fast, and of course all of that depends on sim speed or lag
6. Still concerned about probe litter? A menu "die" command can be heard further than the probes can to kill them
7. Don't see anything of concern? Wearing the item just walk to another place you wish to check

1. Only the closest 15 or 16 items will show up on the scan list (SL software limitation)
2. It can scan up to 96m, but again will only list the closest 15 or 16 at one time
3. The Probes will only work on your land or land where objects are allowed to be rezzed
4. The Probe size 0.5 m round can get covered up by items on its path or its final destination. Best to watch its travel also
5. The Probe is only accurate to finding the center of an object by about 0.1 meter each direction

We created this product since we often do lose things ourselves and they are quite hard to find. We found a few things out on our own land with this device that I would say is remarkable. One item was transparent and quite tiny. We had never known it was there before.

Hope you Enjoy!
Hunter Bronet for OnP Owl and Pussycat in SL Tissela and on SL Marketplace

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  • Wearable, Finds 15 or 16 closest objects
  • Menu Driven
  • "scan" finds names
  • "info" gives names, locations, owner, creator names
  • You can send a probe to the locations to see where

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