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March 14, 2013: We have just upgraded this product due to a customer suggestion for longer length time on the catwalks. Note that it does still include the original version which should work everywhere in SL, we believe, where allowed. However, the new items uses the new SL regulations for allowing longer time animations, and we are aware that it may take time for all SL locations and viewers to allow and display that new specification. These new variations do work with the latest SL viewer that we use on our land in SL Tissela, and SL has now changed their official SL limits page to state that these new animation lengths are indeed allowed. Therefore, over a little bit of time, other SL locations and other viewers other than the latest SL viewersshould catch up.

What are the new additions? The original version, still included here, had 15 seconds approx of catwalk time. We added another version that allows 45 seconds if more time is needed, and a third that uses 56 seconds, close to the new SL maximum time allowed if you need still more time. The 45 second time should have the same features as the original one, but the 56 second one due to its length, just allows mostly single trips meaning that you would then change clothes with the animation off and then restart the animation. However, we do recommend single trips anyway since that gives you whatever time you do need for clothes changing with no worries about "wardrobe malfunctions".
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Catwalk with a runway of just under 10 meters that allows two ladies on the catwalk at once but can be used by even more. A great way to show off clothes or for the ladies to show off themselves at once. The walk on the catwalk is a slow female somewhat sexy walk, with pauses and show on the two front corners, much as models do on a real catwalk. Animations trigger from inside an attached dressing area where the models can change and see outside, but no one can see inside. The curtain for the dressing area is phantom so models can go in it from multiple directions. Animations trigger from the inside edge of the dressing area. There are 2 for making one trip only - and that allows as much time as you wish. And 2 also for half the time on the catwalk and the same amount of time to change inside (might be stressful) and one animation just to test where the model goes continually around. Best to use only 2 ladies at once. Nice item that sells well for us at a low price.

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  • Includes changing area that can see out, but cannot see in
  • About a 10 meter catwalk
  • Now includes 3 different speeds - different catwalks in the package
  • Simple approach that works

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