OnP emote 3 facial expressions Version version3, 3 mesh heads plus externel object anims

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OnP Emote System V3 "Multi"

UPDATES in vs 3 = MANY!
We added some possible mesh heads that might be used with this product - Catwa, Genus, Lelutka. We use all three. (try the demos first for compatibility). But then we also added the feature that it can now work with object facial animations from objects such as chairs, couches, beds, and more. We ourselves love that feature. You can allow that or not as an option. The hud turns from gold (normal) to red during incoming object commands who take over to tell you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to see if this product works with your Catwa, Lelutka, or Genus mesh head, try the demos first. There are instructions and a hud test that should show if it will work. The purpose of the demos is to verify if your mesh head works and has the facial expression anims we need - of the Catwa, Genus or Lelutka types only, as well of course, as an SL legacy non mesh head.

Features of our "emote" system software vs, 3
* Can work with SL Legacy heads or perhaps also Catwa, Genus, Lelutka mesh heads as well (try demo for mesh heads first)
* Can do up to 20 different facial expression animations
* Can do up to 8 "loops" of changing expressions over time to add realism, 3 of which you can program and modify to your own tastes
* Can React to Object Facial Expressions in this version. Now for both SL Legacy heads or mesh heads that can work with this system also, the software can react to SL facial expressions stored in objects such as chairs, couches, beds, or other objects, that use SL Legacy animations. Our software translates

Owner Setup Features of our "emote" system software vs, 3
* Choose to respond to outside object facial expressions or not.
* If you select to respond to outside object facial expressions, this Hud object turns from gold to red when external facial expressions take over. Note that this will reset your local facial expressions, but that "loops" if you set one, will return to operation after external facial expressions stop.
* Choose from SL Legacy, Catwa, Genus, or Lelutka if your mesh head works with our system (try the demo first)
* Optional Owner information sent only to you the owner on loop information, and/or animation type in usage - that you can select - or just run silent as normal
* Kill All Anims - our software when you change animations or press "stop" should kill the last animation that you were using. However, if in a panic, this control under "Setup" should kill all animations as a safety. Note that you might have to then restart a pose ball, dance, posestand. or object animation after shutting all animations off.

Mesh/Bento heads we tested with:
Catwa - Freya, Catwa Daniel, Lelutka Fleur Head 2.0, Genus - Strong Face
Note: as to whether or not other mesh/bento heads by these wonderful suppliers work similarly and have the same animations stored internally, we just do not know. That is why we suggest trying the demo first for usage whose purpose is to see if this system is possible for your usage.

Hope you Enjoy!

Hunter Bronet for OnP Owl and Pussycat in Tissela and on SL Marketplace.



  • This product is for SL heads and possibly catwa, genus, lelutka
  • Choose single facial expressions or loops
  • 5 facial animation loops included
  • plus three more that you can program yourself
  • makes your face alive, rather than a picture

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