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- ALL NEW SOFTWARE - Version 2


Since this item uses AO animation override software, you must remove (detach) any other AO you may currently be wearing, or the two software programs will conflict. Other AO’s may be called “sexy walk” or “manly walk” or many other varieties. If you see odd operation, check to see what your avatar is wearing if you have another AO.


It is similar to a segway meaning a simple two wheeled driving machine. Since it is worn it can be used many places where you are not allowed to rez items. We ourselves love to use it in Bay City with its many roads, but which often restricts vehicles from rezzing there at times. But of course something worn like this works - at least in many places of Bay City. Since the item is an AO software application, its speeds are similar to your avatar walking, running or flying.

This item uses our AO animation override software to work. However, the animations in this are minimal since the avatar is driving. The avatar faces forward when going forward, but will turn a bit to the right or left on a hard turn. A menu is also included that can change the size of the segway to suit you, and also can allow you to add metallic coloring of at least a few color selections.


We will include boots that are really platform shoes for use with this segway. What they do is sort of lift up your feet such that the shoes show well on the platform. You do not need to use these platform shoes, but if you use just normal shoes you will note that your feet will be somewhat buried in the platform. Also note that the size you may want to adjust to will be a little different whether or not you decide to wear the platform shows.


In the chat channel type:
/5 menu


Simply choose the "ignore" choice on the bottom.
Use /5 menu to get it back



We do suggest copying the segway before doing this, to ensure that you have no issues and always have the original to work with.

We will provide two sizes for you - petite and large, perhaps for female and male. But select one and copy it to customize to your exact size.

In the menu, click on 'change size'. This will bring up a new submenu. The + numbers of course make the segway portion larger and - makes it smaller. We suggest a size of course where your hands are just above or touching the top of the handle bars.

It should remember its size after you "detach" the segway. But please read adjustment first:


After you change the size of the segway, since it is worn, you can carefully now edit the segway and move it forward or back slightly to better position hands and or feet. We do not suggest editing it up and down since that might only push the wheels into the ground, and of course side to side should already be fine, or at least we think so. :} Again, as the above says, after you detach the segway that you personalized with size, color and adjustment, it should remember those settings.


Just call up the menu (‘/5 menu’ in the chat channel) and then choose color. Since the segway design is metallic, there are a few choices for color tinting of it to personalize it for you.


If the animations seem jammed, this might work for you. It does a search of all animations your avatar has and shuts them off. Note that it might also turn off the AO as well. If all works, but your AO is off, just get the menu and restart the AO. Or you might try:

/5 ao on

In the chat channel


These selections will turn off the AO entirely or turn it back on entirely.


Of course the help request on the menu gives you this information for your immediate usage.


It is possible for animations to get confused if too many are running at the same time or if they occur too closely together. If a problem, try using the "Reset" function first. If not, you might have to restart your animations by removing the skates (not necessarily the SL boots) and then allowing the software to reset.

Please note also that we have found places in SL, including some land in Bay City, that restricts even this AO operation. We do find that many streets, however, do allow it. If it is not working, move your avatar to a different location – even if nearby.


At OnP Owl and Pussycat in Tissela, at least at the time of this writing we have a skate sports area on top of our mall open to the public, for those who wish to try and grind or just skate.

OnP Sports Arena, OnP Owl and Pussycat, Tissela (74, 99, 118) - Moderate

Hope you Enjoy!

Hunter Bronet and Suzie Larsen for OnP Owl and Pussycat in SL Tissela and also on SL Marketplace

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  • Nice way to go short distances
  • Great for places where you cannot rez a car
  • You wear it ... so it works many places
  • Menu driven size change and color tinting

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