Progeny Vampire Detector HUD - Search for Fangs - Vampire Scanner Version 4.3

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Want to know if active Vampires are near? Be warned so you can avoid becoming the victim of a bite? or just want to see who is wearing what? Then this HUD is for you

*NEW UPDATED V3 with additional features; ** NOTE; Previous customers can re-deliver this update

What's New!
+ Finds EC A&D
+ Finds Progeny vampires fang attachments (Ver: and stealth)
+ Finds Bloodlines vampires
+ User defined Search (find any attachment name)
+ Avoidance mode - should a Progeny or A&D vampire come within bite range
+ Warnings in local chat - "Keep away from me vampire" or place your own messages in the notecard settings
+ Show up to 15 names found with distance above HUD
+ Updated to work in non script locations (must start scan prior to visiting a no script location)
+ Whitelist is now supported to exclude a user key from the search should you choose
+ Updated menu with enable/disable options
+ Automatic product updates.

EC A&D and Progeny Vampires can feed without your knowledge if you are within their bite range. This HUD is designed to detect EC A&D and Progeny vampires and notify you of their distance from you. When Evade is on, the HUD will automatically move your avatar away if Progeny are within 2m or A&D 10m.

The AT-Vampire Detect HUD will scan the region you are in for any attachment an avatar is wearing. It will search for attachment names which can be set by menu or in a notecard and will keep a list of the avatars that are found. It will record the NAME, RANGE, TYPE of attachment and TIME. *Note - The user defined search option can be for any attachment name.

Mandy (mandy666) [49]{PROGENY}Progeny: Vampire Fangs T:2020-03-13 17:13
Dαrƙnєss Resident (darkness) [24]{BLOODLINES}Torment Nexus [Bloodlines] 2.0 T:2020-03-13 17:16
Hunger pain (hunger.pain) [15]{BLOODLINES}Fangs [Thirst::Bloodlines] 4.2 T:2020-03-13 17:19
Eternal evil (eternal.evil) [11] EC:A&D - The Core v1.3.x T:2020-03-13 17:19

What it does and Options.
* Scan a region for any attachment an avatar is wearing (will not find HUD's)
* Scan range can be set between 1 and 4096 (Default 50)
* Time delay between scans can be set from 5 - 300 (Default is 5 seconds)
* Scan will find and record the avatar name, distance, attachment and time in a list
* When an attachment is found, the HUD will change color, displaying up to 15 names, distance and attachment above the HUD. (15 closest are shown)
* Avoidance mode - should a Progeny or A&D vampire come within bite range, automatically moves your avatar away. (Works on A&D and Progeny only)
* Warnings in local chat - "Keep away from me vampire" (Place your own messages in the notecard settings)
* Default Settings - Search for progeny, bloodlines, EC:A&D and progeny stealth
* Modifiable search string for attachment names.
* EC:A&D attachment search with on/off option
* Progeny attachment search with on/off option
* Bloodlines attachment search with on/off option
* Advanced progeny search for finding stealth fang attachments - Two levels of detection allowing you to tailor detection reliability, High sensitivity, Low sensitivity and off options

The AT-Vampire Detect HUD scan has an advanced algorithm for detecting Eternal Conflict EC:A&D and Progeny stealth fangs. When in busy locations the scan can be intensive so a smaller search area is recommended (<50m). Searches may be slower to respond in busy locations. Advanced search options can be turned off if desired.

Detection of attachment names with search1, Bloodlines and Progeny (non stealth) is currently 100% effective. The advanced Progeny search detection reliability can be adjusted with the sensitivity

Note* With the Progeny Advanced Scan (PAS H/L) - Positive matches show with {PROGENY S2) or {PROGENY S3} indicating the match probability, S3 is a very good match, S2 indicates a probable match, some may be incorrectly detected

With Progeny and EC A&D preferring to remain anonymous, this HUD may not find future fang attachments, however it can find the current versions. (Progeny: Vampire Fangs - The Core v1.3.6)

To use the HUD - When delivered to your inventory, locate the folder AT-Security HUD, it will contain the AT-Vampire Detect HUD, Right click and add. The HUD should appear bottom right and activate. If you have another HUD in that location then you may need to Attach HUD, and select a free location.

The Object is Mod and Copy, the scripts inside cannot be modified

Defaults are pre-set, however over-ride control of settings can be made by Menu selection or placed in a notecard (optional) which must be named, settings. Lines in the notecard beginning with a # are for comments and are ignored

Thanks to those who have left a Review, all feedback good or not will help improvements to this item

Video clip below demonstrates the Progeny/A&D Avoidance and Warning function

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  • Scan a region for any attachment worn by an avatar, modify search options menu
  • Scan range can be set from 1m and Full Region to search and find vampires
  • Send a found list via email or IM to Owner - vampire name, range & attachment
  • Progeny warning & avoidance options to move you away keeping a safe distance
  • Easy to use HUD just add to detect multiple vampire systems progeny & bloodlines

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Doesn't work for Progeny

Posted April 01, 2020 by Ozzmadark 1 star

I gifted this to myself and it simply does not work. I play Progeny myself and I got this to detect other vampires. This detector told me someone was a progeny vampire, I go up to them and scan them to see what type of vampire they are. They are not even a vampire.

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The new update is AWESOME

Posted March 26, 2020 by Amber Shadowcry 5 stars

After I scored the previous version low due to it not detecting stealth fangs, Zube IMed me and she was just amazing. She totally re-scripted it and even added more new features and making it the very best Vamp (and other critters that you don't want to tap on you unsolicited) HUD on SL, HIGHLY recommended. I would give it 10 stars (also due to the support) but I can only go to 5, well earned.

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