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Jet Ski Wake Attacker v1.4


New in - v1.4
- added new gearing system, easier gearing now with pageup/pagedown or E/C
- fixed fast turning when in mouselook, normal turning is now used.
- reverse is now inverted (realistic)

..:: Controls ::..
Throttle - W or Arrow UP
Turn Left - Arrow left or A
Turn Right - Arrow right or D

Tight Turn Left - Arrow left or A + SHIFT
Tight Turn Right - Arrow right or D + SHIFT

Ski Mode Power Control - Page UP and Page DOWN

..:: Gears ::..
There are 3 different gears, Dock Mode, Cruise Mode and Ski Mode.
In Ski Mode you can also adjust power by pressing "E or C // page up or page down"

..:: Rezz ::..
Rezz or ADDONS is where you rez your towables. To add ADDONS or towable fun toys simply right click edit on the jetski, select the content tab and drag and drop it in there from your inventory.

..:: Modding ::..
The Jetski itself is MOD and COPY so you can apply your own textures.
Later if not already released you can buy the jetski self texture kit to get fullperm AO baked textures and UV maps. wich u can download to your pc and edit in photoshop or whatever you wish to make new textures.

..:: Passangers ::..
Its scripted to be seating 3 people on the jetski, Driver and 2 passangers on the back. both passanger seats on the back also contains av positioner scripts and 2 different sitting animations. plus 4 different camera settings.

..:: Touch For Menu ::..
To open the menu, click on the seat or the front part of the jetski. reason for this is because i wanted to be able to drag the jetski around with the mouse withouth the menu popping up all the time whenever u click. Also you can open the jetski menu by clicking the jetski icon on the HUD.

..:: Color Changer ::..
The jetski contains 12 premade colors, that is Purple, Red, Yellow, Lime, Orange, Pink, Dark Green, Grey, Light Blue, Black, Blue and Brown. (( to make your own textures, see the jetski self texture kit ))

..:: Trailer Button ::..
this button allows you to put your jetski on the nearest trailer, but be warned, rezzing multiple trailers might confuse the script... click "move up" to put the jetski on the trailer or click "take down" to move it down from the trailer. also if your trailer is slight rotated down towards the water a cool effect will show, well not cool but a reasonable one where u see ur jetski slowly moving down towards the water.

..:: PERMS ::..
You can set the permissions on the jetski to let others or only group or everyone ride YOUR jetski, options are GROUP, OWNER or EVERYONE. its kinda self explanatory.

..:: Lock JetSki ::..
This buttons doesnt lock the jetski from useage for other people (( use PERMS )) but it does lock it in place, aka turning physical OFF, meaning it wont drift off or you are unable to push it. reason i did this is because in the future if not already implemented a wipeout system meaning you can fall off the jetski.

..:: Give HUD ::..
If you havent already the HUD, you can use this button to obtain a HUD, this button also work for passangers if they have permission to use your jetski.

..:: HELP ::..
This button gives you "THIS NOTECARD" and explains how and what you can do with the jetski, this button also works for passangers if they have permission to use your jetski.

..:: Eject ::..
With this you can eject passangers from the jetski, simply click eject and choose the name of the avatar you wish to remove/eject.

..:: AV Position ::..
This function allows you to adjust your avatar position on the jetski, at the moment the positions are not saved within the script but in the future we will somehow save the position so you dont have to readjust everytime you sit or use the jetski.

..:: UPDATES ::..
Jetski will automatically check for updates everytime you use it or rez it, so to check if you are on latest version either just rez your jetski or visit the page on marketplace to see wich is the latest version.

..:: SUPPORT ::..
Having any kinda of problems or a bug with your jetski?, just IM or send a notecard to Zslash Cyberstar, please note that my IM's are capped most of the time so its best to write your message in a notecard and just send it and i will reply as fast as possible! Thanks!

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Posted August 09, 2020 by Axel Naxos 4 stars

Well ... I already took a loss well over 300 lindens ... What I mean ... is that in case the script fails, we are no longer supported.
I saw that the creator last entered in May / 2020, so it can be said that she is living on income from her product and abandoned all assistance. The price justifies it. That is my fear. However, I must assume that it is the best jetsky script I have tested! The vehicle itself is much more realistic, even though it was manufactured almost 10 years ago, than the competitor of 750 lindens that has the dimensions of a toy, or jetsky for children. I edited and put an animation to fish with the vehicle off, but the hell is that he didn't accept any additional scripts to make him swing in the water! It is terrible to see water vehicles totally static in the water!

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Medium... yet...

Posted June 24, 2020 by Astolpho 3 stars

- I bought it in 2012 after testing the Nova Lannock model in the world. His review is on page 28 of this ad.
- In 2018, I took a new delivery to see if there were any updates: NOTHING!
- Curiosity 1: There is another competitor of hers who has the same product for sale, bought this one, did a good review here and sells her product which is more expensive and much lower ... lol
- Curiosity 2: A version by another creator, for idiots, I mean, silly millionaires who don't value their own money, costs 3280 !!!
- Curiosity 3: The one with a famous name and costs 750, although with a newer script and active seller, leaves something to be desired ... I don't like the original size, it's small, and in my tests I got stuck crossing sims. This one, Pu!se, leaves WakeTube also stuck in intersections, but if you pass quickly ...
- This one has problems with the rezzer version, and the creator did not respond to the client!
- There should be more camera options available, even closer ones with good angles!
- Doesn't wobble when standing at sea!
- Not saving the avatar's position is really boring!
- The menu opens and there is a website address down! Really abandoned project!
- The Group in the world is closed!
- I checked and the owner / creator and his partner, both entered SL this month, June 2020, that is, do not care about customers. In fact, he owns the golden goose. He created a good product that survives without updates for 8 years, and he has the luxury of simply selling and he doesn't even have a place in the world to test it. Now he only makes money! Lucky for him!
- I'm afraid of a bug ... and goodbye jet-ski ...
- My report was made to advise a friend on the purchase...

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