Realistic Scuba Gear With Advanced Diving HUDs ! Version 2.0

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I made this even more advanced scuba diving equipment because I enjoy diving and challenges of writing detailed and complicated scripts and constructing diving equipment that will work in most realistic manner.

Here are the items in this box. Importantly, each item has touch to resize so you can adjust them your preferences.

1. Standard-size 80CF scuba tank featuring flexible particle hose that connects tank to the mask/regulator when you touch regulator hose coupling to activate. This standard capacity tank is full at 3,000 psi (207 BAR) and gives you about 30 minutes of dive time. Refill with chat command "fill tank."

2. Diving mask with mouthpiece, regulator, and coupling for flexible air hose that emerges on touch from the scuba tank. When you wear both the mask and the tank, touch the black connector on the mask and the scuba tank will find it and automatically connect the hose from the tank to the inlet connector of the mask regulator. As you go under the water say "regulator on" to indicate you are beginning to breath through the regulator. From that point the regulator will sense your depth.

As you move under water with the regulator on you will begin hearing underwater breathing and the sounds of bubbles and movement of water nearby. You will also notice naturally paced expulsion of bubbles that will come in artistic pulses timed to mirror natural underwater scuba breathing. As you move your head out of the water the regulator will turn off the underwater sounds and the air bubbles.

3. Dive depth analog gauge HUD marked in meters that shows your depth as you move under water. If you are not familiar with real life diving, the three colors on the gauge reflect the relative danger of going deeper.

I encourage you to study sources on scuba diving procedures if it is an unfamiliar topic. Depth, time underwater, and exertion are important human factors, as are a host of others such as diet, physical condition, and general fatigue.

4. BAR pressure gauge HUD to measure the remaining air in your scuba tank. Scuba divers normally begin with about 200 BAR of air pressure in their tanks (1 BAR is normal atmospheric pressure at sea level). Use gauge to watch how your remaining air pressure relates to how long you are diving. Gauge will give you a chat warning when you reach 50 BAR remaining. To begin diving and using the air in your tank say "fill tank" in chat. The pointer will reset to full and automatically begin air consumption. The pointer will gradually show air consumption for about 30 minutes. And never worry about running out of air, just key "fill tank" in chat and you will see gauge move back to full position.

5. Professional style swim fins designed to help divers develop their kicking technique. Notice they have correct pro-style design. Touch resize to size the way you like them. Be sure to wear included shoe base so your hover height is appropriate for wearing these fins. You can move location of each fin separately if needed. These pro fins have authentic design and colorization, and please see my offer below if you have special colorization needs.

6. Scuba diver weight belt with four 3 kg (6.6 lbs) weights. Touch to resize, and touch each weight to make it visible or invisible.

7. Extra mask with snorkel attached is also enclosed for times when you just want to float along near the surface of the water breathing through a snorkel tube. There is no breathing feature with this item.

8. Extra pair of dive goggles is enclosed for times when that is all the diving equipment you wish to use.

Please take a close look at all the photos. I work hard to make my products look authentic and sophisticated. It is a pleasure to go the extra mile for better design.

9. Now, and very importantly, you need my included "scuba appropriate" swimming and diving AO HUD. I began my construction by using the full permission version of the popular Thor's Oak swimming AO. I redesigned the user interface for easier use. To give serious divers what they absolutely need I added several specific scuba swim animations.

These include two animations essential to scuba divers: dolphin kick and scissors kick. Also, every serious technical diver is familiar with the easy kick rest stop stroke to keep you in place as you stop to rest every five to 10 meters during your safe ascent to the surface. This animation also naturally serves as the surface treading water animation.

Welcome to the magic of the underwater world! I am delighted to offer scuba divers this complete package for underwater enjoyment.

I am always delighted to chat with customers and to respond to your suggestions. Happy also to colorize and adjust your equipment for you, just send me a message or notecard. Happy to go diving with you too, just message me and I will join you if I can.

Dive safely and with a buddy!

Thank you!


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  • Authentic looking design with advanced HUDs for depth, air use, and animations
  • Regulator senses water to control breathing bubbles and sounds
  • Authentic design air tank connects with particle hose to regulator
  • Pro-style swim fins
  • Touch to resize to fit your avatar size (except no tiny)

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