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The 6th generation Mega Weather Maker. With 3 styles of mesh control panel (including HUD) and ability to control individual emitters to have different weathers in different parts of your region at the same time.

▸Price indicated at *bottom* of this listing.
(As some people don't try the inworld demo, I've changed the list price on MP. Thank you for your understanding.)


• Ability to have different types of weather in different parts of region by controlling individual weather emitters
• Quick weather scenes: cloudy, stormy, thunderstorm, light rain, tropical rain, light snow, snow, lightning
• Rezpoint marker allows you to mark centre of intended area of effect while control panel can be anywhere in the sim
• Coverage area: Min: 50m x 50m, Max: 250m x 250m
• Engineered using megaprims and advanced scripting to deliver massive area effects with minimum scripts and prims

• Cloudy, StormClouds, Partly Cloudy
• Lightning ⚡
• Thunderstorm
• Menu choices of cloud height of up to 180m, or use relative height adjustment (+10m, +50m etc)
• Cloud emitters can oscillate or revolve to create more natural/randomised clouds
• Mega lightning bolts that can reach from 200m high in the sky to the ground
• Lightning does not pass through buildings

• Light Snow, Snow ❄ Snow fall height max of 50m
• Light Rain, Tropical Rain
• Rain/snow detects sim ground level or water level whichever is higher (to minimise raining underwater)
• Option to use TEMP precipitation emitters to save prims (click on Rezpoint Marker)
• Compatible with Really useful Rain-Resistant Roof to minimise rain / snow coming into your house

- Aurora Borealis
- Fog (requires Mega Ground Cover Rezzer, sold separately)
- SimCloud menu (use SimCloud instead of particle clouds. SimCloud sold separately)
- Fun menu: falling autumn leaves, falling cherry blossoms [NEW], rain fruits, rain cats and dogs
- Security menu: strike an avatar with lightning, eject, ban (requires sim owner rights)

- Sleet
- Hail
- Blizzard
- Tornado

Included in the box are:
1. Three styles of control panels: Master, Lite and HUD
2. Rezpoint marker for you to control the position of the centre of the area of weather effects
3. MEGA Sound Booster
4. Really useful Rain Resistant Roof pack - minimise rain/snow coming into your house !
5. The Tornado
6. The Roaming Cloud
7. Rain on glass overlay (copy)
8. Personal weather maker (a pet cloud that follows you)

- Lite Control Panel is 1LI; Master Control Panel is 3 LI
- Each emitter is 9 prims, and can generate either clouds, or precipitation (rain/snow)
 -- 50x50m area requires 1 emitter
 -- 100x100m area requires 4 emitters
 -- 150x150m area requires 9 emitters
 -- 200x200m area requires 16 emitters
 -- 250x250m area requires 25 emitters.
If both clouds and precipitation are required at the same time, DOUBLE the number of emitters are required. eg. 100x100m needs 36-72 prims.
* However you can set the Rezpoint Marker to TEMP emitters mode so that precipitation emitters are rezzed as temp.
⚠️If you cannot spare more than 40 prims on your land for the weather maker, please consider the Big Weather Maker or the Mega Weather Maker Value Pack instead (see related items below).

- Control panel and emitters: no modify, yes copy, no transfer
- Rezpoint marker: yes modify, no copy BUT you can request for me to send you a replacement if you lose it
- Mega sound booster: yes modify, yes copy, no transfer
To see a demo, visit my store at the SLurl indicated.
If you own a sim, this product only costs a fraction of your monthly tier. Get it now and experience the difference!

⚠️WARNING: If your sim uses a lot of particles already, do not buy this product. The rain, snow and cloud effects are particle effects. As the number of particles in the sim (and area of coverage) increases, particle effects will appear less dense, and may disappear periodically ("particle starvation"). Results may vary depending on your graphics card, viewer settings, and your sim. If the FPS on your land is below 20 usually, this product may not be for you. (Press Ctrl-Shift-1 to see your FPS, under Basic).

▸This product sells in my inworld store for 2899L.

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  • Mega coverage: from 50x50m to sim-wide (250x250m)
  • Mega lightning: up to 200m high
  • Cloud emitters can oscillate and revolve for more random clouds
  • Low lag scripting - only 1 script per emitter (covering 50x50m)
  • Easy to use control panel with access control

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well, this would've been a lovely Christmas gift...if it worked properly...

Posted December 21, 2020 by GingerHolly 1 star


well, I think writing up a 1-star review is a first for me. I don't usually do so. however, this product simply does not perform the way I'd like it to. here's why...

1: there is no lightning; only thunder sounds. if you're lucky.
2: if you've got the system set to rez the weather at a realistic height of 75 meters, it won't work.
3: if it does work, you'll see only 'clouds' drifting here and there near the rezzer.
4: the tornado doesn't move at all. it's permanently-stuck on top of the rezzer.
5: don't count on seeing any precipitation...not rain, snow, hail, or anything. see #3 above.

I could continue to list my complaints as to why this particular system doesn't work, but I won't. I'll only say this: it was designed to be a replacement for my SL-brother's old weather system, which has been gradually but surely breaking down over time. perhaps if another one as good as the Damani deLuxe Weather System is rolled out, we might be saved...if we're lucky.

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MEGA Weather Maker is Awesome!

Posted December 18, 2020 by Gabe Huntsman 5 stars

I was looking for a great weather system for my two sims. After shopping on MP and looking in world I contacted Grace. She was very prompt in getting back to me and my question, she visited the sims to consult with me and after purchase helped me with initial setup. Her support, product, and overall business demeanor is highly professional. I wished more creators in sl had the level of service and care that Grace eludes. If you have any questions please contact me Gabe Huntsman.

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