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Newest Technologies included with this model !

Please Test it before Buy :)

1- Animation System for COUPLES ! Avsitter system do not need pose balls,
when somebody driving this sailboat , you can use animations with partner!
2- UPGRADED B-Wind Sailing System. ( Thank You Becca Moulliez & Omei Qunhua )
3- This boat MOD and COPY. You can right click on boat, edit, change name, flag, colors or how you want ! :)
4- You can change Yacht name/textures, flag and more !
You can upload your .PNG texture for name and .JPG for Flag texture. We will help you too with full support !
MORE CUSTOM WORKS : ask him please '' Mathew1008 Resident '' ( paints, upgrades, animations and more )
5- You can adjust poses! Some customers adding poses:) You need know '' avsitter system ''
'' Mathew1008 Resident '' will create custom packs. WE ADDED TONS OF POSES !
6- Sailing Access System -- Please HOLD YOUR MOUSE LEFT CLICK ON BOAT !! You will get permission access for Owner, Group, All .
Also Sailing system and doors syncronize with access system. ( click + hold 2 seconds on boat )
7- No Wearable parts ! Drag sailboat on sea and use directly ! (NO ATTACHEMENTS without CAMERA HUD)
Do not need wear anything on your avatar. Sail & Cruise with furnitures !!
You can wear camera hud if you want different views. Also you can attach speedometer hud.
This model have GPS and KPH,MPH,Knot screen at cockpits.
NOTE : When you sit on boat , 3 seconds later will ask CAMERA ATTACH please say ALLOW/YES for MORE CAMERAS !!
8- WE Added lot of poses. Skipper, Helm, Sunbathing , Deck Sitting, Crew Workings, Bedroom 1 2 , Cuddles poses.
YOU DON'T NEED STAND UP for change POSES !! Just sit . You can SWAP Poses and Sit areas.
Sitter 1 and Sitter 2 also Sitter 3 and Sitter 4 Couples :) 1-2 and 3-4.
9- This model have the best smooth rocking system when park mode !
10- For commands you can use skipper pose. But you can go to bedroom, sunbathing or anywhere without stand up.
NOTE: Boat will not return to lost and found when you are at sailable sims. HAVE FUN !! :)
11- SLB A4 - Camera Hud ---> wear and click for change cam position. Easy Use ;
(Click on hud for change camera position). ALSO if you change POSE , Camera angle will change with you.
So you have TONS OF CAMERA views with this model.
12- This model have ALLOW/BAN Passanger System. Sometimes people coming and harrassing my customers when drive !!
For BAN Them ---> RIGHT CLICK TO BOAT---> Edit ---> Content ---> PERMISSIONS(notecard) ---> BAN ---> Resident Name.
You can Change BAN --> To --> ALLOW. ( If you change name to ALLOW, Only selected names can sit on boat ).
You need check ROOT prim for change notecard of ban system.


• New Animations Included, forget all pose balls! This sailboat have avsitter positioner system.
You can sail with your 3 extra friends around oceans. 4 Avatars can sit same time. You can add more avsitter poses.
Mathew1008 Resident making graphic designs and avsitter poses. You can deal with him for more !

• Access Control Sailing & Door - Syncronise - Please HOLD MOUSE LEFT CLICK BUTTON ON BOAT , 2 Seconds Later Menu will come ( Owner-Group-All )

• 2 Television/Internet Screens in this boat . Bed 1 and Living room has own screens.

SAILING & SYSTEM - How Can I drive This Boat - ? -
You can type '' help '' to local chat for tips !! ( CapsLock Important )
B-wind System is the best sailing system for second life! Low lag , easy use and realistic !!
Sit on steering wheel , type ''raise'' to local chat , and use arrows on keyboard
Also type '' lower '' to local chat, and start engine with sounds !!
For Stop Please type '' moor '' to local chat :)

raise - start sailing
lower - lower sails and start engine ( pg up / pg dn )
moor - stop sailing
spin - spinnaker
gybe - spinnaker center position
fender on - fenders coming
fender off - fenders insivible
anchor down - anchor going to deep sea
anchor up - anchor coming back to default position

n,s,e,w,nw,ne,sw,se - set BWind direction
8,11,15,18,21,25 - set BWind speed
hud - hud switch (standard/advanced)
press PgUp & PgDn to trim spinnaker

Aymec Millet - for more info

- - - - - - -
What You Get !!
1- SLB A4 - Drivable Sailboat
2- Shadow & Texture Maps - You can customize boat textures !!
3 - Camera Hud - SLB A4
4- Speedometer Knot Hud

• High Detailed Parts, Textures & Realistic Shadows and Lights !!

• Permission: Copy - Modify - No Transfer
• Prims: 55 (Land Impact)
• Sizes: 14 x 5

Feel Free for ask US any question.
Thank you - Build boX - BBX Design - BBX Yachts - BBX Sailboats

See item in Second Life ®



  • New Couple Poses
  • New Pose Change without stand up
  • Camera and Speed Hud
  • HD Textures and HQ Anims
  • Professional Edition

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I love this boat!

Posted March 06, 2021 by Amethystvoyage 5 stars

This boat handled very well and was easier to sail and more realistic looking than others I had tried. The store owner is very good to customers as well!

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What a Great Boat!

Posted June 28, 2020 by Vera Biedermann 5 stars

I've never sailed before, RL or SL. I have boated a lot in SL, but I ended up running my speed boats over people's islands, the boat would disappear and I would end up on the bottom of the sea. I test drove the SLB 44 and thought it was an awesome boat, but the L$ was steep. So I bought a cheap sail boat. That boat ended up in my trash, and I decided to spend the L$ for a better quality boat. I am not disappointed! It only took about 30 minutes practice before I figured out how to move the sails to catch the wind. This boat is really easy to operate. Just follow the instructions on the included note card, and you'll be a pro in no time!

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