SF:: ~JJ~ Fuzzy Dice Ornament

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Thank you for picking up this exciting collaborative product from Scarlet Fey and ~Jeanette's Joint~ and for your participation in what we do! I hope you find this item to be very rewarding.


What's in this kit:

SF::~JJ~ Fuzzy Dice Ornament

These versatile fuzzy dice make a great ornament for your vehicle or anywhere else you want to show off your fabulous taste in decor! It's easy to use these in a variety of ways.

If you are installing these into your SZYM Paladin 7 (any model!) it's easy to apply and go. Just rez your vehicle, make sure everything is off (engine, lights, etc.) and all of the doors and other movable objects are in their resting position. Then rez the dice near the vehicle. You may be prompted to allow the item to link/unlink to objects. You must approve this for your item to automatically attach to your Paladin. In Edit mode, select the dice and shift-click the vehicle to select it too. Make sure you select the vehicle last. Once your selections are set then link them using the Link button in the editor. The dice will snap into place and you are good to go!

If you are not linking this to a Paladin you can still make it work! Follow the same steps as above but when prompted for automatic linking do not approve this. Decline the offer and then manually move the item in place using Edit mode in your viewer. Once it is in place then you can link it to your vehicle (select the vehicle last). This will work on any vehicle that allows linking items to it. Some do not. It is best to check your vehicle's instructions to be sure before you try linking things to it.

If you don't want to link it to a vehicle at all, that's okay! It will still work. Just decline the offer to link to things when prompted and move it to wherever you want to show off your cool fluffy dice.

The item is copy-mod so always make a copy of it before you try linking things. The same applies to your vehicle. Make a copy beforehand so if something goes wrong you haven't made any mistakes that will ruin your day. You can resize the object in Edit mode too but it starts off as small as it gets so you will be able to make it bigger if you need to.

Once you have your dice set up you can then set the colors to customize your ornament with your own personality. To get the menu prompt to appear click on the strand of twine connecting the dice together. On this menu you can select any one of nine colors to change the dice to. You can also select which die is affected by selecting or de-selecting the lower or upper die in the menu. When you are finished configuring your look press DONE and then sit back and enjoy your stylish ornamentation.


If you have any trouble, questions or comments, please drop Jeanette Doobie a notecard (and not an IM as those can cap and get lost easily). I fully support this product, but it is still up to you to use it properly. Let me know if something doesn't work the way it should. ALWAYS make and use a backup of your item! If you get "creative" and mess it up, that's on you. Although I support the item contained in this kit, I do not support any products sold by other merchants. You will need to contact the creator if you need support for those.


Thank you again for picking up this SF:: ~JJ~ product. Come by Scarlet Fey and ~Jeanette's Joint~ for more excellent SL creations!

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Scarlet Fey
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I hope you love this product as much as we loved creating it!

All the best,

Scarlet and Jeanette

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  • Menu-driven color choices (9 colors)!
  • Change dice colors independently!
  • GMLS-compatible for SZYM Paladon 7 vehicles!
  • Link to any vehicle that allows linking!
  • Can be used anywhere you want decorative fuzzy dice!

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