SF:: ~JJ~ Paladini 7 Speedway Exhaust

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Thank you for choosing this exciting collaborative product from Scarlet Fey and ~Jeanette's Joint~ and for your participation in what we do! I hope you find this item to be very rewarding.


What's in this kit:

SF:: ~JJ~ Paladin 7 Speedway Exhaust

This exhaust system will work with any of the SZYM Paladin 7 M or L models.. These are not compatible with the 4D S, XL-C or XXL-C models.

This item can be installed to your Paladin easily using the GMLS system. Here's how to install the Speedway Exhaust to your vehicle:

1. Rez your vehicle in-world.

2. Rez the exhaust object near your vehicle.

3. Accept the prompts that appear to allow the item to link to the vehicle and do the setup automatically.

4. Select the exhaust object in Edit mode *then* select your vehicle last. (Shift-click to select multiple objects.)

5. Click the Link button in the editor to link the objects together.

That's all there is to it! Once the object is linked it will automatically move to the correct position on your Paladin, hide the factory exhaust objects and unlink the factory exhaust prims from the link set. You will see those rise up over the vehicle and become highlighted in red. You can manually delete those (or wait for them to vanish on their own after a short time).

Your speedway exhaust will operate on its own as you drive and give it gas. It will also emit a short burst of exhaust when you start the engine. You will notice that after a short time of using the accelerator the emissions will subside on their own. This is intentional. You can get another burst of exhaust to blow out if you let off of the accelerator and push it back down again. The same process works in reverse gear as well. As your engine coasts or idles you will see a lower-yield emission.

The exhaust emissions are different when using gas vs. using a diesel configuration. You can switch this by using the online vehicle configuration tool. You can switch the engine type at any time and the speedway exhaust will change accordingly.

This product is fully tested with a stock model Paladin. If you have other mods or aftermarket parts that modify your Paladin there is a possibility of conflicts. Stack mods at your own risk and always make a copy to try your mods out on before committing to your build.

You can edit the position of the speedway exhaust after installation. To do so, go into Edit mode while your vehicle is selected and use Edit Linked to select the speedway exhaust prims. Be sure to shift-click the invisible cubes that are in the mouth of the pipes as well. There are 6 of them! That is where the emitter is and it should stay in the same position in the pipe when it is moved.

Enjoy your pollution maker!


If you have any trouble, questions or comments, please drop Jeanette Doobie a notecard (and not an IM as those can cap and get lost easily). I fully support this product, but it is still up to you to use it properly. Let me know if something doesn't work the way it should. ALWAYS make and use a backup of your item! If you get "creative" and mess it up, that's on you. Although I support the item contained in this kit, I do not support any products sold by other merchants. You will need to contact the creator if you need support for those.


Thank you again for picking up this SF:: ~JJ~ product. Come by Scarlet Fey and ~Jeanette's Joint~ for more excellent SL creations!

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I hope you love this product as much as we loved creating it!

All the best,

Scarlet and Jeanette

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  • Easy install with the GMLS system... rez, link and GO!
  • Synchs with gas/diesel selection on the Paladin configuration tool.
  • Works with Paladin models 2D-M, 2D-L, 4D-M and 4D-L
  • 5LI includes BOTH sides!
  • Copy/Mod for convenience and tinkering.

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