Stratotech Elite Forces Building Set with integrated Alert and Containment Field Systems! Partial mesh for low LI! Version 2.1

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Stratotech Elite Forces Building Set (pieces also sold separately)

This is the Stratotech Elite Forces Building Set with integrated alert system, integrated containment field system, ambient corridor sounds, "Click here" joining tabs, and a sim-wide turbolift system!

This set will enable you to create HUGE role playing scenes very quickly! All of the pieces included in this set use "Click here" joining tabs to make connecting the pieces as easy as two clicks of the mouse!

I have even included 45 degree Long Curved sections! When eight of the 45 degree Long Curved sections are connected together, they make a complete circle about 60M in diameter!

You can stack the hallway sections on top of one another, too; and, they have been designed so that most optional modules are built in multiples of hallway section heights so that a two story build, for example. will have both the upper and lower floors lining up with the stacked hallway sections!

The Window Modules are compatible with the Stratotech Viewscreen System (sold separately) and will display the same background as the main Viewscreen!

The Containment Field system works automatically with the Brig Module and the Containment Field Controller (sold separately with complete system). It detects any escaped inmates or other avatars you specify through the controller and broadcasts the avatars name and location.

The scripted systems in this set use the Description field of the relevant objects to assign them a unique system name. So, you can have multiple systems in the same sim without interfering with each other!

This set is based on the "Elite Forces 2" freebie texture set widely available in SL. I've just created a modular building set using them, as well as created some custom textures for use with the integrated alert system. And, I have packaged the entire original set of textures, plus all of the custom textures I created so that you can create coordinating role playing sets and accessories. Feel free to redistribute all of the included textures as you see fit - just don't sell them.

I've also included something really special - a Novatech compatible turbolift/elevator system! These are simply the best! They use Novatech turbolift and call station scripts widely used throughout SL!

This set includes the following pieces:

5M Straight Hallway A & B - 3 prims
10M Straight Hallway - 3 prims
10M Straight L& R Doors - 14 prims
10M Straight Left Door - 8 prims
10M Straight Open L & R - 5 prims
10M Straight Open Left A & B- 4 prims
10M Straight Open Right A & B -4 prims
10M Straight Right Door - 8 prims

45 Degree Long Curve Inner & Outer Openings - 6 prims
45 Degree Long Curve Inner Opening - 4 prims
45 Degree Long Curve Outer Opening - 5 prims
45 Degree Long Curved Hallway - 4 prims

45 Degree Short Curve - 2 prims
90 Degree Short Curve - 3 prims

90 Degree Turn - 3 prims

Blank/Dead End - 3 prims
Spacer Panel - 4 prims
2M Spacer - 2 prims

Door Module - 6 prims (with texture change script and six door textures)

Elite Forces Turbolift - 6 prims
Hallway Turbolift Call Station - 9 prims

Ladder Tube, Bottom - 10 prims
Ladder Tube, Middle - 10 prims
Ladder Tube, Top - 9 prims
Ladder Tube, Single - 9 prims

Spiral Staircase Module - 11 prims

Lobby, 10M x 20M - 15 prims

20M x 20M Round Hub w/lift station - 18 prims
30M x 30M Round Hub w/lift station - 18 prims

30M Stacking Hub w/lift station, Bottom 18 prims
30M Stacking Hub w/lift station, Middle - 23 prims
30M Stacking Hub w/lift station, Top - 23 prims

Standard T Section - 6 prims
Standard X Section - 6 prims

Special X Section - 12 prims
Special X Section w/Lift Call St - 17 prims

Window Module - 2 prims
Window Module VS-L - 3 prims This module interfaces with the Stratotech Viewscreen System (sold separately)
Window Module VS-R - 3 prims This module interfaces with the Stratotech Viewscreen System (sold separately)

Also included are the following basic rooms:

20M x 20M Holodeck with Door - 4 prims
10M x 10M Rooms A & B - 2 prims
15M Oval Room - 10 prims

About the Doors:

The door textures can be changed by the owner for up to 30 seconds after being rezzed or opened or closed by the owner. To change the door texture, simply type,"door tex 1", "door tex 2", etc. up to "door tex 6" in local chat while standing within chat range of the doors you wish to change.

About the Alert System:

Integrated into most of the pieces of your new Elite Forces building set is the Stratotech Sim-wide Alert System. The system is both menu and chat driven and a sim-wide alert button script is included for access to the menu system throughout the same sim.



  • Partial mesh for low land impact!
  • Over 50 interconnecting pieces!
  • Integrated Alert System! Integrated Containment Field System!
  • Sim-wide Turbolift System!
  • "Click here" Positioning Tabs make connecting a snap!

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Awesome. Easy. Adaptable. Impressive

Posted April 08, 2016 by Bran Burckhardt 5 stars

This is an excellent system with endless possibilities. It is also low prim.

The system snaps together automatically and it is easy to create a base or the internal living space of a ship very quickly. It is also mod so you can change the textures if you want. It comes with all the textures used, so you can easily add your own prims and match them in.

One of the best things I have bought in SL.

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This set is amazingly simple

Posted March 14, 2015 by sweetKanira 5 stars

This set is so easy to use , every part looks real. just touch one part and then the one you want to join it to, and that's it, It will move it self WOW. even room works the same. I recommend this set to anyone that want a great looking role play. Also its lots of different packs and add on's

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