College of Scripting Music and Science SCRIPTING BOOK 3

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Our philosophy is to give you the best scripting code to learn from with highly commented notes.
Thousands of people in Second Life learn how to program using our tutorials.

This 267 page Scripting Book teaches many Functions and Events:
*The 3rd Book of the Scripting Book Series
*Easy to follow commented code helps you to understand complex functions.
*Delivered in-world and can be Rezzed or Worn as a Hud.
*Many useful projects that you will find fun to accomplish in-world
*Makes learning scripting fun and easy
*Created by the College of Scripting Music & Science

These Scripting Tutorials have been read by thousands of people all around the world.
It's much easier to learn efficient coding techniques right from the start.
When you have finished all 3 Scripting Books you'll be confident to take on any project.

You can visit the College of Scripting Music & Science in the Horsa Simulator of Second Life to view more tutorial examples.

Also look for Scripting Books 1 and 2 of the series
Advancing your new scripting career.
Enjoy Learning & Happy Scripting.



  • Easy to Use Texture Changer
  • Forward and Back Buttons
  • Helps People to Learn Scripting Fast
  • Thousands learn from these Tutorials

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Too Expensive

Postado(s) 15/11/2014 por Farthington Whetmore 3 estrelas

This really should be much cheaper considering it hasn't been updated in 3 years, can't copy it, and each page has annoying watermarks on them... but I appreciate the work and at least other people can use it when rezzed.


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