Copyable Donation Box with optional Color Change feature

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One of the most popular Donation Boxes in Second Life and now packed with great new features! Avatars pay money into Donation Box and it all goes directly to the object owner. (Multiple-Owner version with percentage splitting available in Related Items below.)

Can cycle through 7 bright colors automatically or not. Set through an owner menu. Object is modifiable and you may change the textures, colors, or even use any object you want!


* Optional IM Notifications, tell you when someone gives you a donation with their name and location.

* Customizable Floating Text message.

* Set the Floating Text to any color.

* Customizable "Thank You" message to donator that can be set to: IM, Whisper, Say, or Shout.

* The Donation Box can Give away a Gift when paid. This can be any one item you specify and can be any inventory type, (Landmark, Notecard, Object, Clothing, etc.) Item must be placed inside Donation Box's inventory and be Copy/Transfer. A minimum amount to receive gift can be set.

* Goal Option allows you to set a goal of any amount. -As donations are received the floating text will show how much L$ is still needed to get to the goal and what percentage the total donated is compared to the goal.

* You can set the "Starting Total" to any number you want. -Good for starting where you left off before a sim reset or if you need to move your object and it gets reset.

* Show/Hide Last Donation and the last Person to pay's name.

* You can edit the 4 Fast Pay preset amounts.

* Easy Owner-Only Touch Menu with a "Reset Totals" button and more!

This item also available in a Single Version.



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Perfect Donation Box

Postado(s) 25/10/2010 por Guy Wardell 5 estrelas

Exactly what I required, easy to set up with clear instructions. First class product.

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Postado(s) 20/10/2009 por Jocephus Gearz 5 estrelas

Best scripting of any donation box or tip jar on secondlife. VERY easy to use, even a noob could customize this to their own liking.

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