[ Organica ] Cherry Tree 5

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This tree is Animated Mesh, which means it is designed to sway on its own and will move naturally in its environment. It also means this tree is not resizable, although I am offering two sizes by default for your convenience.

Included are Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Dead foliage options, along with the option to turn on flower particles. The tree is also fully compatible with the Winds of Change Seasonal Control Module, so foliage across a whole region or parcel can be changed with just a few clicks, rather than by individually by each tree.

All visual assets made by Aki Shichiroji. All scripting by NeoBokrug Elytis.

This object is mod/copy with some copy-only components! Please be aware that, due to these permissions, refunds are only available for accidental duplicate purchases. As such, please be sure to check out the product in-store if you have any questions about how the product looks in-world at all.

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  • Animated Mesh Object
  • Particles
  • Scripted Foliage Change
  • Region-wide Foliage Change
  • Responds to Region Wind

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Vendido por: Anne Cloud
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