Paintball Game System v1

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Paintball Game System By Abranimations (R)

This is a complete paint balling game system that allows you to run paintball games/events.

Players can click on the included base point and take a free gun. Once they have the gun attached to their avatar they can click on the base point again to activate there gun and join in a game. If there gun is not active they will not accept any damage or be able to fire there guns. When there gun is active they will be able to fire the gun and will accept damage from incoming paintballs. The health of the player is indicated in text above there gun.

-= This package includes =-
A large scoreboard which displays the top 10 current scores in a game.
A small one prim scoreboard for those who need to keep prims to a minimum on there land.
A game base point which acts as the game controller, gun distributor & gun activation point.

-= System Features =-
Scoreboards which can be reset at any time by the owner.
Game control base point with various owner controlled features.
Set game parts to group and allow owner configuration to group members.
Lock games so no members can rejoin. Great for single round, last man standing games!
Display team kills/deaths/points for team play. (players can select there paintball color/team via there guns)

This system will only work in one region, it cannot be used across multiple regions. i.e. All players must be playing in the same region and not crossing into other regions.

If multiple systems are running at once in the same region they may interfere with one another. Make sure that they are not to close to one another, and that they have a different communications channel with there respective scoreboards.

When a player touches the gun they will be given 3 options in a drop down menu.

Get Gun - This will give them a gun they must attach to there avatar

Activate - This will activate there gun, and join them to the game. Currently active players will be displayed in a list above the base point. When a players health reaches 0% they are removed from this list, and there gun is deactivated. To rejoin the game they must return to the base point and activate there gun.

Help - This will remind the player of what they must do.

Heres a quick start guide to getting it up and running....

a) Drop the scoreboard and base point somewhere on your land.
b) Set them both to a group so that not everyone can change its configuration options or wipe the scoreboard.
c) Touch the base point and take a gun and get everyone else who wants to play to do the same
d) Touch the basepoint and activate the gun and get everyone else who wants to play to do the same.
This will join them to the current game as well. their names will appear in a list above the base station.
e) Everyone can shoot each other now. When they die there guns deactivated and there removed from the active player list. They will need to join the game again at the abse station before they can replay.

You can lock the game via the base station menu as well if you dont want anyone else to join in this round.
Its also possible to turn on team stats and see the team wins, lose and points(win-lose). These stats are displayed on the base station.

As the owner you have various controls available to you. These controls are also available to anyone in the same group that the base point is set to. Tip! If you do not wish everyone to be able to control these control features except yourself, make sure that the base point and scoreboard are set to a group that only yourself/friends are in.

Touch the base point will display the following options.......

Teams - Turn team play statistics on/off
This will not affect game play, but will display team statistics. If you are not playing in teams I recommend turning this off to save confusion. The statistics will be displayed below the active player list.

Help - This will remind the player of what they must do to participate in a game.

New Game - This will start a new game/round. Removing all currently active players from the active player list.
(NOTE: creating a new game will not clear any scoreboards)

ClearScores - This will clear any scoreboards in the region.

LockGame - This option allows you to lock/unlock a game. If a game is locked no new players can join. If it is unlocked new players game join at will. This option is great if you wish to gave last man standing rounds.

Get Gun - Will distribute a gun to you

Activate - Will activate your gun and join you to a game ( only if it is not locked )

Turn On/Off

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It does what it says, but doesn't work well in real time.

Postado(s) 15/06/2019 por KinaNeko 2 estrelas

Well... the product works as described, and well.. you CAN play with it. However, I simply cannot recommend this product for the simple reason that it doesn't actually play by paintball rules. It is not one shot to tag someone, nor can this be changed. Every player takes a multitude of hits to eliminate, and for that matter... you even regenerate "health" points! Unless you can somehow manage to land consecutive shots on someone non-stop, it is almost entirely impossible to eliminate a player from the game and as mentioned this cannot be changed... If this was customizable to be able to one-shot people or to whatever extent you like then I would be able to recommend this, however in it's current state it's simply just not practical.

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Good, but not great.

Postado(s) 31/05/2019 por Whisper Blackheart 3 estrelas

I really like this product but, I wish there was a way to resize the guns, and maybe control regen to turn it on or off, otherwise this is a really good product.

I'd suggest finding someone who owns it to test it before you buy it yourself~

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