Single / Multi-Player Puzzle Fun 1.4 - great for events! Versão 1.4

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Hi everyone, Fire Centaur here,

This is a great multi-player game for your events in Second Life.

You can load your own (copy/mod) textures into Puzzle Fun, or use the pre-loaded holiday puzzles!

Puzzle Fun is great for educators or anyone who wants to have a fun in Second Life.

Just in time for Christmas, Puzzle Fun comes with Christmas textures already loaded in its inventory.

To play the game, just click the game board, and select a puzzle!

Puzzle Fun will then rez 25 puzzle pieces. When finished rezzing, a count down timer begins and the pieces will scatter themselves within 10 meters of the puzzle.

Visitors can then click the puzzle pieces and then the board to place a puzzle piece.

The puzzle piece will zoom into the place clicked.

If correct, the piece will lock into position, otherwise it will bounce out!

I've designed this game to be a collaborative or single user activity. Its super easy to use and fun!

NEW - It now comes complete with special sound effects for extra fun!

The owner can also press a "Show Names" Button to display who correctly placed each piece on the puzzle.
This is great for interactive scoring!

Happy Holidays!

Fire Centaur


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  • Collaborative or Single Player Game!
  • Multiple Puzzle Textures!
  • Fun Sound Effects and Particles
  • Lo-Lag
  • Great for Events

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Worth buying ^_^

Postado(s) 07/10/2015 por KaedeHotaru 5 estrelas

This game is great!. I bought this a while ago, but i still use this every year & it always entertains.
Fire is also great with responding to issues. When i first bought it the pieces didn't match up & some we're upside down, but he fixed it & made sure it worked perfectly for me. Definitely worth buying if your a puzzle lover!

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Postado(s) 27/10/2013 por TWISTMY Gears 5 estrelas

Puzzle was borked but as soon as he got back into town he fixed it.. VERY cool puzzle

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