SHX-DMS Dance Machine Versão 2.1

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A region wide dance system, making use of two servers to make difference dances available for both male and female visitors.

It includes a number of dance "activators": A selection board, male and female animated texture, 3d Texts and figurines.
The "activators" can be rezzed everywhere in the same region and make use of the animations in the server.

You can rez more then one set of servers to easily change dancing animations for a specific themed event, or have sets
of dances selectable by using different dance activators.

The included figurines work like the old poseballs, which is handy to set an avatar on a locked position, ie/ a bot, alt or dancer,
and automatically make use of the dances of the server.

The dancemachine makes use of the SHX experience, so any user only have to make grant permission once.


It is to facilitate dancing, for a club or even multiple clubs in the same region and comes with a 4 example dances (freebies).
Get your choice of good and realistic dances from Vista or Akeyo :)

* SHX - DM - Dance Machine System - Features
- Region wide system
- A server for male & female dance animations, channel selected so you can use more than 1 set at the same time
- Rez as many clients you want, using the dances of the server(s)
- Touch to dance menu for each gender
- No crosstalk: only works for the same owner and 36 channels selectable
- Using more server sets with preset animations makes it easy to switch dance styles fit for your event
- Includes client boards, animated texture activators, 3dTexts and mesh figurines.
- Update system included
- SHX Experience for convenient usage

- Comes with the SHX Rack:

* SHX - DM - Dance Machine System Stats

- Land Impact:
client: 1 to 4
server: 1 each (you need to rez 2 servers)

Visit the SHX Club Center for more information and products! (Region SHX)

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Postado(s) 13/04/2022 por JackieBoing 1 estrela

just to fıgures and some 3D text I expected the anımated board and be able to load dances into it called for customer service no response what a waste of time why they show inworld and on here a picture of the dance boards and dont give in the package? wrong

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Took me awhile

Postado(s) 07/04/2011 por Elsee Undamann 5 estrelas

but i figured this thing out and I love it thanks!!

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