Super-Randomizer Orb / Darkness Set #11 (28 Sounds)

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This is a scripted random sound emitter that is prepackaged with many sound clips. Super-Randomizer Orbs give greater ability to create unique and ever changing soundscapes for your lands and projects.

* Random sound selection.
* Random time intervals.
* NEW!!! Random locations with the Roaming Sounds feature!

Super-Randomizer Orb Features

* Menu driven controls - No annoying chat commands to remember.
* Customizable - Add, change, or remove sounds to customize your soundscape.
* Forever/Day/Night Selectable Playback
* Roaming Sounds - Sounds can now move all around you!
* 3D Sound - Restrict audio to specific areas without sub-dividing your land!
* Volume - Raise or lower the volume at any time.
* Random Volume - Changes volume level every time sounds play.
* Interval Range - Change the random interval timing for more or less frequent playback.
* In-Prim Setup - Save prims by moving the script and sounds into your own objects.
* Quality audio encoding for loud and clear playback.
* Professional coding for reliability and optimum sim performance. Now running Mono.

Sound clips are MOD/COPY. You can copy them into as many of your available randomizer orbs as needed.

Track List
Clip-Dark - Hells Bell1
Clip-Dark - Hells Bell2
Clip-Dark - Hells Bell3
Clip-Dark - Hells Bell4
Clip-Dark - Hells Bells4, echo
Clip-Dark - Hells Bells4, slowed
Clip-Dark - Hells Bells5
Clip-Dark - Hells Bells5, echo
Clip-Dark - Hells Bells5, slowed
Clip-Dark - Hells Bells6
Clip-Dark - Hells Bells6, echo
Clip-Dark - Hells Bells6, slowed
Clip-Dark - Hells Bells7
Clip-Dark - Hells Bells7, echo
Clip-Dark - Hells Bells7, slowed
Clip-Dark - Hells Bells8
Clip-Dark - Hissing Migo1
Clip-Dark - Hissing Migo1, slowed
Clip-Dark - Hissing Migo1, slowed2
Clip-Dark - Hissing Migo2
Clip-Dark - Hissing Migo2, slowed
Clip-Dark - Hissing Migo2, slowed2
Clip-Dark - Metal Scrapes01
Clip-Dark - Metal Scrapes01, reversed
Clip-Dark - Metal Scrapes01, slowed
Clip-Dark - Sudden Fright
Clip-Dark - Sudden Fright, slowed
Clip-Dark - Sudden Fright, slowed2

About Us

Acoustic Alchemy provides the largest selection of quality scripted sound solutions to enhance your SL experience. Many different playback styles and themes to choose from!

* Scripted Sounds - Looping, Random, Roaming, and Sim Wide SpeakerNets
* Full Permission Sounds - Single and Bulk Packages
* Nature - Birds, Animals, Frogs, Forests, and Jungles
* Aquatic - Harbors, Waves, Waterfalls, and Dripping Caverns
* Elements - Rain, Thunder, Wind, and Fire
* Crowds - Clubs, Bars, Parties, and Malls
* Locations - Airports, Train Stations, and Events
* Industrial - Machinery, Electronics, and Traffic
* Themed Atmospheres - Sci-Fi, Dark Gothic, Steampunk, Asia, Western, Wind Chimes, Religious, and Holidays

Listen to in-world sound previews at the main Acoustic Alchemy Sound Gallery.

Never settle for tiny generic 10 second loops or featureless sound products!

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