The Lair of Butak

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The sacrifice to the beast from hell...

The LAIR of BUTAK is a complete environment evoking the terrible ritual of the offering to Butak, a fearsome creature from the depths of the deepest pit of the earth. This is an ideal scenery to enhance a role playing.

The scenario is this one:
The offered victim is tied to the wood poles. The ceremony starts when the officiant hits the gong. Then, a heavy tile of stone starts to move, uncovering a large and deep hole under the victim. The officiant hits the gong to call Butak until it comes. Butak climbs from the deepness and reaches the surface to take the victim...

The launcher of 1 to 9 passengers capacity, will reach your targeted altitude (between 800m to 4000 m) and will deploy the LAIR of BUTAK environment for you and your guests.

How it works:
- The officiant should wear the gong mallet, you will find it near the fire place. Click on it to recieved the object.

- The victime should click on the transversal wood piece. (The one between the 2 little fires, with the ropes)

- The officiant must click on the tile under the gong to start the ceremony. (The ceremony will start only if there is a victime on the poles)

- Once Butak has screamed its first time, when the music has stopped, the officiant can stand up from the gong. Since this moment, Butak will come anyway.

Test mode:
You can preview all the ceremony even if there is no victime on the poles. To do this, click on the tile under the gong, and then click on the left rope that maintain the gong. You will hear the gong. The ceremony will start, even if there is no victime on the poles.

No persistent installations.
- The launcher deletes it-self after has rezzed the station.
- The station is programmed to delete it-self after 2 minutes if nobody is present around.

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  • Sacrificial platform in a nightmare's environment.
  • Ceremony ambiance with sounds, animations and visual effects.
  • The terrible beast of the deepness... Butak.
  • Large gong to call Butak.
  • Energy field transportation launcher.

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A must have!

Postado(s) 31/01/2020 por Dante9191 5 estrelas

one of the coolest things you could buy on market place or from any store for that matter,
works fluently almost seamless everything single time you want to use it, great for rp's and sacrificial role-playing

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