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Sky platform with 5 different textures manageable via menu, only 2 prims.

Supplied 64x64 meters for approx. 11 meters high, but easily resizable.

▄ 64 meters is the maximum prim size allowed in SL ▄

It is designed as sky platform, but can also be used as privacy screen to the ground simply removing the solid base.



WARNING: the Sky platform is a sculpt object, some avatars may have some trouble to rez objects inside it. It's a Second Life small "limit", but worth it, the Sky platform helps the SL residents to save a lot of prims.

You can easily fix the issue trying these easy ways:

1. press ctrl+alt+t to see the invisible base prim in red and try to rezz on it (then ctrl+alt+t again to turn back the normal view)

2. rez the object on an yet existing prim surface and then move it in the favourite spot.




* You can read FAQ at WWW.INVERSEGRAPHICS.NET and request support trought the form you can find in the SUPPORT page;
* Send an IM or a notecard in world for additional support (english, italian)
* In case of delivery issues send an IM inworld with number and date of translation for support

(c) inVerse, 2012

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Great for 99L!

Postado(s) 29/03/2019 por LainaAlexandria 4 estrelas

For a quick, low prim platform surround, this is a great option. But it's not a 5 star option with as low resolution as the textures are. They really do remind me of n64 graphics from the mid-90s. If you're going to just use this is a backdrop for a bunch of trees or other objects, you'll probably be ok. But if you're into SL photography or like a realistic backdrop to your home, you're going to want to check out the inVerse cliffs. They take up a few more prims, but are a far superior product in not only texture resolution, but shape and functionality.

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Postado(s) 17/11/2018 por BrianTheWoof 5 estrelas

Super handy and amzing. Only thing I could wish is a few different sizes pre-made.

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