Sold by: Sean Martin
Joined: September 10, 2005

Design, Innovation & Development.

An old retro SL company from early 2005. We built sci-fi vehicles and games long before the age of mesh. You can still buy a few items at discounted rates for nostalgic reasons.

We are the creators of the original Simboard and developer of the old Simball sport in Second Life.

We have since moved forward and now develop outside of SL.


Failed delivery? Don't worry it happens.

If you payed for the item in-world, then first try one of the redelivery terminals at Vetox HQ (See pics in my profile.)
If that doesn't show your order, then provide me with the sales number from your logs so I can look it up.

If you bought from SLMarketplace, then it will auto refund after 8 hours. (Review their transaction info.)

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