Sensations - est. 2005
Sensations - est. 2005
Sold by: Earalia Nolan
Joined: March 22, 2006

Sensations is one of the top adult content companies in Second Life established in 2005. It was originally created by Amethyst Rosencrans years back in which she created a genital system to rival others in the market, offering lower prices and higher quality. Since then Sensations has grown additions of other items, including the popular Sensations Collars and Sensations Cuffs that have become must have by many Second Life players in the adult scene. Sensations is an open content company, allowing 3rd party companies and players to have access to our builders scripts so their furniture and various other products can be compatible with the genitals, collars, cuffs, etc. that we sell.

As of the year 2007, Earalia Nolan has joined the Sensations team, adding her own collection of furniture, tentacle monsters, and various other products to strengthen the content and selection Sensations has to offer. Earalia's company brand "Mistress Knows Best" still exists as a recognizable sub-brand of Sensations, integrated as part of the company.

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