SLD - Castle in the Sky
SLD - Castle in the Sky
Sold by: ISItheDreaMakeR Teskat
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SL DOMINA brand is back in the game. we present a classic product, but totally redesigned for second life 2021.
Professional photo studio version 6 and Compact, packed with features and tools for your selfies, stories and photo art. Come to the store and try the demo.
SLDomina Audio System - A new series for lights system NEXUS, programmable, sequences, strobe, laser, dancefloors, dj booth, vj controller. Spotlights.

Bar Restaurant System, animations, cocktails, asmr sounds, table, food, romance, romantic, cuddle, couple, poses and animnations

For the CASTLE IN THE SKY series, you will find exclusive, themed and animated venues for your dream wedding.
Animated furniture and decorations to build your private or public area.
All products are low LAG and low price. Visit the shop.


All the Full Perm texture and Maps cant be resell full perm
can be used in your buildings and item and resell but or no copy, or no tranfert.

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