Khargo Tip Jars / Tip Boards
Khargo Tip Jars / Tip Boards
Sold by: Keanu Kharg
Joined: October 02, 2007

We currently have 3 shops being:

1. Khargo: Furniture, Landscaping and Custombuilding
2. Khargo : Tip Jars
3. Khargo: Seasons

At Khargo we make it our job to create your dream. We sell high quality furniture and outdoor items which are menu driven for texture (textures included in the menu), tint, brightness, glow, shininess and pose change. This is done to make it fit better to everyones needs, style and occasions. All items are and will be created with the best sculpties, textures, scripts and animated poses you can find or make in SL.

We also do custom building from changing our existing items to whole sims in any style (from tropical, heavenly, grunge to sci-fi). A portfolio is available at our store. You dream it, we build it.

Khargo is growing into a complete solution for everyone who bought land in SL. As time goes on we will try to provide pretty much every item you need in your house or around it. We offer furniture, landscaping items, some houses, pools, custombuilds and decorating advice to make a dreamplace out of that empty piece of land you bought.

Khargo: Tip Jars
Our tip jars are used by some of the best known musicians, hosts, venues and DJ's in SL. All our tip jars are made with the best sculpties, textures and scripts you can find. They are packed with every option (all options can be activated, shut off or customised in a simple notecard) you can imagine.

We also build customised tip jars in whatever shape, animation or option you want in either personal or log in format.

Khargo: Seasons
This is where we display and sell all our seasonal items for Christmas and Winter, Spring and Easter etc. Check out the store for all your seasonal decorative and landscaping items. Items here will change with the seasons.


As all items are NO TRANSFER, strictly no refunds/exchanges.

Double purchases/stale transactions please contact Keanu Kharg or Selkie Flatley by notecard with your purchase history transaction details.

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