Oceane Body Design
Oceane Body Design
Vendido por: Oceane Grumiaux
entrou: 29/11/2006

Oceane Body Design sells skins, make-ups, appliers for mesh and shapes. I have probably the biggest collection make-ups available which fit a lot of skins and tans, (also from other designers) from lipsticks and eyeshadows to full makeups that can freshen up your looks.

Oceane also sells shapes, eyes, eyelashes, tattoos, special skins for theme related roleplaying like Drows, witches and vampires.

I sell, apart from the skins, makeups and shapes, accessories for the body, all made by me with professional and personal care and a loving eye for detail. Nothing makes me happier than creating for women who just want to be as beautiful on the outside as they are inside. IM me if you have requests or questions. And please be so kind to review my items as I can use the exposure that it gives.


Most of my products are copy, no trans and therefore no refunds, Please leave a review after you bought a product, I would appreciate that.

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