Butterfly Effect Designs
Butterfly Effect Designs
Vendido por: Sybil Hallison
entrou: 23/02/2009

Not Another Mesh Store...

Since 2010 we try to provide quality clothes, that's why all our mesh clothes & accessories are original meshes and viewer-friendly. They are designed to have low avatar complexity, and materials technology, but also quality baked textures that you can look your best with either high or low graphics settings!


• All items are no transfer and non refundable. In case of a double purchase a refund will be gladly issued.
• You can only send a gift through Marketplace. To do that, use the "Add to Cart as Gift" and then type the recipient's name CORRECTLY. Purchases made by mistake or mispelling will not be refunded.
• All clothing layers come with no modify permissions.
• If you haven't received an item t

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