Zag McMillan's *Moonlight Scriptz & Buildz*
Zag McMillan's *Moonlight Scriptz & Buildz*
Sold by: Zag McMillan
Joined: February 27, 2007

Ils ne savaient pas que c'etait impossible, alors ils l'ont fait... that pretty much sums up what we do: Make impossible things become reality.
Almost 30 years of programming experience, a devoted customer service, knowledge about market and demands and a knack for things others abandoned as impossible - that's what makes *Moonlight Scriptz & Buildz*.
We do not regard SecondLife as 'just a game', we perfectly know that each virtual customer is to be treated just the same as a real-life customer - and if there are any issues, we're not going to hide behind our avatars.
For more information about us, and who we are, you may want to check out our website: - or just drop by on our region, Starshine, for a nice chat and a cup of coffee.


All sales are final, as most of our items are non-transfer. You will have the chance to test-drive most of our products in our mainstore, where you can see, feel, touch, smell and hug them. If you have any questions, please contact us *before* you buy. Custom modifications are always an option.
If there are any problems or issues with one of our products, please contact Zag McMillan (english, dut

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