Val Kish
Joined: January 12, 2007

Patron Award:

The first person we would like to recognize is a long time friend. I first met her when I joined the Realm of Eternity before I knew which end of a lance to hold. She was the reigning Queen of Joust there where she took us all to task. There where no classes then, so your classroom was on the list, every Saturday Joust in the school of hard knocks.

She was also a gifted programmer and designer who understood SL physics and collisions, which gave her great insight how it all worked. She was a pioneer in timing systems and very loyal to her Realm where she created many of its greatest challenges such as a Horse or Canoe racing. She eventually sold these in her store for others to enjoy, along with testers and other innovations.

But her greatest gift to the community was given freely without charge.

It remains the only one of its kind in SL to be fully functional (not a demo) and available to every new jouster who wishes to try the sport. I swear by its accuracy and know she poured her vast knowledge of jousting into every script and prim.

I am lucky to call her good friend. But you all know her lance by its namesake “KISH”.

I am pleased to give our first Patron award to VAL KISH of KISH CREATIONS!

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