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I make what catches my attention at the time. Skyboxes, furniture, makeup, shapes, clothing and accessories (mainly MESH) for men and women, jewelry, houses, swings, eyes ... you just have to keep checking to see what's coming out at any given time.



* Rigged Mesh = moves with the body; has set sizing; sizes cannot be altered so try the demos to find the one that fits your shape best.

* Non - Rigged Mesh = can be resized like a sculpted attachment; does not come in structured sizes like rigged mesh, but mine will have at least a resize script included for easy sizing.

* Alpha Layers and Mesh = wear the alpha layers included with mesh you purchase!! The alpha is what helps to keep bits of the body from showing through the clothing.

Look ... the nature of mesh makes it impossible to include sizes that fit every single shape. This is not a failing on the part of the designer (me) or even the mesh model maker, but simply one of the few annoying constraints of wearing and designing with mesh.

I purchase mesh models from only a few model makers in order to keep the sizing I offer relatively consistent, so that the fit on a size M in one pair of pants is pretty much the same as a M in the other styles of pants I offer.

If you find that you ALWAYS have problems with mesh ... well, it's time to face facts. Consider altering your shape, or perhaps set aside a standardized shape you can slip into when you want to wear mesh clothing.


ALL IN-WORLD AND MARKETPLACE SALES ARE FINAL, except in the case of designer error.

If there is a mistake on *my* part (structural, scripting, missing texture, etc.), I will either correct the issue and give you an updated copy, or if it cannot be fixed, refund your money.

"I decided I don't like the color", or "Your mesh clothing doesn't fit me right" are NOT refundable issues.

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