Sweet Intoxication Designs
Sweet Intoxication Designs
Sold by: Chrissy Sparrowtree
Joined: August 19, 2010

The brands is eclectic... Always working hard to make things better and try making something new.

What you will find here at Sweet Intoxication or in world at one of my stores?

Clothing: Men's & Woman's ~ Classic and Mesh Bodies
Clothing: Jomo Avatar's
Clothing Genre
Shoes, Jewelry and Accessories...
Gacha goodies

Sweet Intoxication Home Collection
Home Decorations, Furniture, Plants, Flowers, Garden Items.

Sweet Intoxication Fantasy
Collection of fantasy clothing, decorations, gacha's...


⇒ Clothing Item Properties / Permissions:
⇓ All clothing items properties are indicated, either Copy, Modify, Transfer. On boards C, M, T ⇒ Item permission are clearly marked.

⇒ Clothing size fit - all items are clearly marked. With new mesh avatars not all mesh clothing fits without some body adjusting. Leaving negative feedback because you did not read the description is

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