Mohican Sun Enterprise
Sold by: Col SpiritWeaver
Joined: November 01, 2009

"Mohican Sun Enterprise" was setup for those looking for "Traditional Native" Items such as Tepee's (Tipi), Breastplates, Chokers, Armbands, Native Jewlery, Campfires, Etc.. You will also find other Non-Native items such as, Low-Prim Homes, Tiki Huts, Fireplaces Jewelry, Etc. In all that I create I try adding a certian amount of realism to each build while keeping things "affordable". Many of my homes do no not have furniture or contain a few animations to allow you the enjoyment and fantasy to decorate your own home, but make no mistake, our homes are quality built. I hope you come back continously for all the NEW Things I will be adding weekly. Thanks Agains for visiting.


There is a no refund policy, but I will replace a defect item or error made on my part. 99% of the time results are positive, but 1% are not, that's because of a few customers actions. I understand a happy customer will come back or refer us to others! Secondlife, "does have it's limits" and we try to build around them. If you are in need of assistance IM me and I will get back to you. If you ar

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