Beyond the Mists
Beyond the Mists
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Much care, and reverence, is given to every act of creation, for creation is the union of God and Goddess, the union of man and woman, and the union of all things that grow and have life. Creation is the spirit of life itself, so how could it not be a sacred act? Every curve of ornament, every cut of stone, every mark or weave or stitch is an act of the union of life, and an expression of fantastic spirit.

And every creation is understood, like a child, to be treasured and cared for, to be loved and given long life. And with such creation comes no thought of ownership, for how base and wicked would it be to own a child? A child is free, and has life. So too does every creation of mankind. It can no more be owned, that the air itself. Nor can the earth be owned, as it is free and full of the spirit of creation, as are all things.

What is created can be given, but it is given in trust, to be cared for by another.

If you love that creation enough to give in return, then may you be blessed and full of joy for having given sustenance to an artist, who's only breath is to create what is most perfect and good, and for having furthered the great work of joy in this world.


I do not do requests or refunds, however all of my items are copy and modifyable, either by script or otherwise. If you have any issues with fitting or with delivery status, please do not hesitate to contact me via IM in world, or by notecard, and I will do my utmost to resolve any problem you may have.

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