AngelRED Couture™ Boutique
AngelRED Couture™ Boutique
Sold by: Lexi Seda
Joined: April 16, 2009

[All AngelRED Couture™ Brands are run by Lexi Zelin]

As of 2024 ALL new clothing releases are mesh body compatible! Older releases are NOT. Please read description and try available demos before purchasing. Mesh body and/or BOM compatibility will be listed in the description.

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AngelRED Couture | Full Permission Mesh Clothing
Sold By: Lexi Zelin | Contact Lexi Zelin

PARADOX STUDIO | Full Permission Retail Buildings & Furniture
Sold By: ParadoxStudio | Contact Lexi Zelin

AngelRED Couture Boutique | Mesh Women's Clothing
Sold By: Lexi Seda | Contact Lexi Zelin

Simplecandy | Mesh Women's Street Wear
Sold By: JCNova Resident | Contact Lexi Zelin


- No returns on copyable items

- Contact Lexi Zelin for any questions or concerns!

- Older items are NOT mesh body compatible, please read description and try available demos before purchasing.


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