Sculpt Maps Galore
Sculpt Maps Galore
Sold by: whyroc Slade
Joined: February 23, 2007

Still going strong in 2021, I'm making mesh items, avatars and accesories now. All my old sculpties are still here, at bargain prices.

High quality and affordable sculpties and sculpted prims since 2007. All kits and full perm maps are created by whyroc Slade with Blender and are designed for maximum texture-ability and LOD balancing. Premium kits with unmatched precision in one prim and oblong sculpting techniques.


Please allow 24-48 hours response time for service requests, we are happy to help in any way with our products.

Some of the products I sell are full perm sculpties and builders kits you may use them as part of your creations in the world of Second Life but may not sell the maps, prims, textures, or kits in their full permission form. Your creations must be released either no copy or no transfer


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