{Spoiled One} Couture & Whimsical
{Spoiled One} Couture & Whimsical
Sold by: LilyMadeleine
Joined: April 20, 2011

Hi I am Lily and I am 3 years old and this is my clothing store for former Spoiled Angels and Spoiled Brats. We updated with a new joined store name as {Spoiled One} Couture & Whimsical. Because we are all spoiled little ones that NEED cute stuff, mhm :D

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All my outfits are No Mod, Copy and NO Trans.

note: former old cloths are Mod, Copy and No Trans.

The outfits are fitted to my Toddleedoo avatar shape and the prim might be off on different avatar and you have to edit those prim to fit you.

All transactions are final and no refund, however if you have any problem with your outfit (missing part) feel free to send me an IM as I get offline

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