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Omega Designz
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Term Of Services-TOS
DO NOT Sell this item Full Perm
DO NOT Resell Full Perm
DO NOT Sell Or Resell Copy/Transfer
DO NOT Give it away for free Or $0L Fullperm, Copy/Transfer
DO NOT Steal/Rip Off it and Make People think is yours in a subtle manner like not giving a proper credit to it's creator.
DO NOT Sell, Resell, Giveaway as it is or by itself this single item.
but as part of your builds with other items.
DO NOT sell below or above it's own price.
DO NOT use any tool or software to copy this item.

Failing to abide by this TOS can get you banned and your accounts/alts from second life, lose your lindens and subject of a lawsuit in court.
You must not assume if an item has not a notecard is not copyrighted or that you can sell it full perm!.

Sell as part of your buildings, or building sets
Sell, Resell this item as long as is not fullperm and/or copy/transfer and only if it comes with other creators items, such a furnished houses,landscape creations,etc.
Give as a promotional gift to your clients if you follow the "DON'Ts above!.
Distribute this item as "copy mod / with no transfer"
"transfer / with no copy no mod permissions".
With just the "Copy" permission
Just Edit/Mod permissions
Edit or Mod

Retexture, add a new texture, or do cosmetic changes that will make it look different.
Be reasonable and not steal/rip off other creators items.
Learn to make and/or upload your own items
Tell others where to find this item on marketplace if they liked for this good price.


Omega Designz offers 100's of items for every need and theme, it does not centers specifically in any niche but all, so you will find any type of merchandise, from clownish and silly creations, kids decor, landscaping and nature, houses, buildings and more, most of the designs are fullperm mesh, but we have as well old prim builds and sculpts added, most of the merchandise is original creations ba

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