Sascha's Designs -  Sascha Frangilli
Sascha's Designs - Sascha Frangilli
Sold by: Sascha Frangilli
Joined: November 24, 2006

I make affordable highly detailed ballroom gowns and classy casual clothes.

You can find Sascha's Designs inworld here:

If you join Sascha's Designs Group, 40 and more gowns will be yours for free. Ask Support for details.


* I do not give refunds (no credit given for items that are No Transfer).

* If an item does not get delivered, please do NOT write a review as Marketplace does NOT notify me when a review has been written. Best to send me an IM or a notecard with the transaction history information included.

* I am not responsible for your body shape if something does not fit.

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