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Storybook is about writing your own story. There is no defined genre here as it is made of modern, fantasy, sci-fi, apocalyptic, horror, and more. It is pure imagination or just casual style. I do primarily create clothing but have also created attachables, decor, and even shoes. You can be a mermaid who got her legs, with the need of some pants or a style vixen in need of some devilish horns. Write your own stories with no boundaries.


► Please send detailed notecards with inquiries if I am offline. Or contact secondlife:///app/agent/5d4c1459-2923-4403-a847-f549c79966f1/about
► Please, ALWAYS try on demos before purchasing.
► I will only refund a double purchase. Provide transaction information in a notecard.
► There is a redelivery terminal at the mainstore. Just click to go to the page and follow

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