Tiny Trinkets
Tiny Trinkets
Sold by: roula Laville
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Tiny Trinkets was created to be the best around for toddler, baby and children’s accessories! We are not here to be the “other” stores, we are here to create unique and fun with a passion! We are here for you whether you want to ask a question, dig deeper into what it really means to be a toddler, baby or just letting out your inner child. We are open minded people here to help those who are meek and shy to make you sleek and fly! Let us help you find what makes you different, because at Tiny Trinkets, we know the tinier the trinket, the more room you have left to express yourself in big ways!


--Undelivered items from Marketplace or missing deliveries? - please send details and I will resend.
--No refunds!
--Read the discription before you buy from Market Place!
--Most MP items are packed/Boxed , Transfer means the PACK IS TRANSFER not the item if you unpack it!Are supposed to be GIVEN not OPENED!Also there is an OPTION to gift them!
--There are NO refunds at GAC

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