Je t'aime - Made to feel SEXXYY
Je t'aime - Made to feel SEXXYY
Sold by: Mascha Boa
Joined: May 24, 2007

Je t'aime ~ making with love and for love the sexiest of women's and men's fashion

~ Clothes to fall in love with....


♥ When you need answer, can´t fit a product or need another solution - please dont hesitate and contact me
♥ JE T'AIME - Fashion made to feel sexy - by Mascha Boa
♥ ALL items are COPY and NO transfer
♥ If you have not received any item purchased within 10 minutes: IM me if i am online, otherwise send me please a notecard about.
♥See my PICKS for locations and more INFO
♥Franchise & Affiliate

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